Wheat Bran CO2 Total


Triticum vulgare, extracted from organically produced wheat, Germany.

  • add to any emollient skincare blend
  • protect and smooth skin
  • alleviate itching
  • recommended for sensitive, dried, or stressed skin

Product Information

High in linoleic acid, this CO2 extract is an amazing addition to any skincare blend. Wheat Bran Oil is said to have both emollient (softening) and humectant (moisture retaining) properties, to protect and smooth the skin and to to alleviate itching. It is recommended for sensitive, dried, or stressed skin, in face crèmes, for body care and in hair care products.

I have seen wheat bran oil specifically recommended for protecting and treating chapped, dry skin, because it helps prevent trans-epidermal water loss. Professional aromatherapist Madeleine Kerkhof Hayes recommends adding Wheat Bran oil to any blend for reducing the appearance of scars.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. GE-471014







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