That’s Better!

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Our Arnica Infused Oil with Helichrysum italicum and Kunzea added for pain relief.

  • Now available in a convenient roll-on for pain relief when and where you need it.
  • Great pain reliever for bumps, bruises, injuries
  • Ages 6 and up.

Product Information

Bumps, bruises, and overworked muscles… Oh my! “That’s Better!”—is a blend we have recommended to a LOT of clients. Our Arnica Infused Oil with 5% Helichrysum added to it.

We’ve used it for bumps and bruises and for severely overworked muscles. A friend walked close to 10 miles and said his hip was just throbbing…this blend made the pain vanish in almost no time. “That’s better!”

You may easily make it yourself: 1.5 ml of Helichrysum italicuum, in one fluid ounce of our Arnica Infused Oil. Easier than pie! But if you are not comfortable blending your own oils, you may order it here.

We’ve received raves from people who have used this blend for plantar fasciitis. No first-hand experience (for which we are grateful) but enough feedback that we feel confident recommending it.

Although we believe our Arnica Massage Oil is probably the safest on the market, we still heed recommendations from our herbalist friends and avoid using this mixture on broken skin.

Redesigned, March 2014. Through trial and error we have learned that a wee bit of Kunzea Ambigua added to the Arnica Infused Oil with helichrysum gives us an even more effective pain reliever. We had been using this on our own and to share with friends and family. It is finally time to make it available to all of you.

NOVEMBER 2016. In his recent CO2 extracts class, Mark Webb of Aromamedix recommended a blend of Arnica infusion with Kunzea and Helichrysum for physical trauma. (Great minds think alike!) but Mark also recommended this same blend for emotional trauma, a use that we would not have considered. We know that Helichrysum can have powerful emotional healing results, but had not considered the other components of this blend for emotional healing.






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  1. Rbonda from Pennsylvania

    ( 1 Review )

    Rbonda from Pennsylvania (verified owner)

    I used this approx. 3 years ago for plantar fasciitis. I was amazed at the results. I applied it on my feet every night, and haven’t had pain in 3 years, until the other day. I used most of my bottle, so, I am ordering more tonight. I am so pleased with this blend! Thank you Nature’s Gift!

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