Tea Tree Hydrosol


Melaleuca alternifolia hydrosol, organically produced, Australia.

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Product Information

All of the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects of Tea Tree Essential Oil in a gentle, safe hydrosol.

We can think of so many uses for this delicately herbal-scented hydrosol. A superb toner for problem skin eruptions; a mouthwash for infection or for thrush, a baby wipe if baby has a yeast infection, a deodorant spray, a base for a foot spray, washing out wounds or cuts, treating hotspots on dogs or cats…the list goes on.

Jenine Stanley writes of using our TeaTree Hydrosol in caring for her dogs. She says:

Tea tree hydrosol is the best thing to dry out, disinfect and generally clear up oozing nasty hot spots, those patches of skin your dog just loves to chew until raw. Tea tree hydrosol is also an incredible ear wash for killing yeast in dogs’ ears. You can tell if your dog has yeast as a part of the gunk in the ear if the discharge coming from the ear has a sweet almost rancid smell and is crusty.

I saturate several cotton balls with the tea tree hydrosol and clean the ear as usual. If the ear is very crusty or moist, I will apply the hydrosol directly to the inside of the ear. You want to do this outside and allow your dog to shake its head to clear the debris and excess liquid.

Both of our dogs are male, but friends tell me the Tea Tree hydrosol also works to rid female dogs of yeast infections in the vulva. Simply wash that area thoroughly with the hydrosol. For male dogs, some hydrosol on a cloth can help decrease the urine smell around the back legs and stomach.







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