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Cinnamosma fragrans Baillon, organically produced and wildcrafted, steam-distilled leaves, Madagascar.

– highly anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial

– immune system builder

– gentle expectorant

– anti-inflammatory


Product Information

If, like I did, you read the latin name, and think “cinnamon” and expect a spicy aroma, you will be surprised and, perhaps, disappointed. But if you love the aroma of the “medicinal” oils—Tea Tree, Naiouli, then you will love this new addition to our collection.

Christi writes:

“Cheery and uplifting are two words that come to mind for this exciting new oil. If you like Tea Tree, you will *love* Saro! Initially it smells fresh and medicinal—think Tea Tree, Naiouli, Cajeput with an aroma reminiscent of all three. However, on the initial dry down, we detected a trace of citrus…yes, definitely lemony. A longer dry down gave us a slightly fruity/floral aroma. Reminiscent of Palma Rosa, but prettier.”

This camphorous oil is said to be highly anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and an immune system builder. It will be a great addition to any germkilling blend. It also acts as a gentle expectorant for respiratory blends. It will help loosen up a tight cough. Saro Oil is said to be anti-inflammatory and a valuable addition to a sore muscle massage blend (perhaps with a touch of one of the warming oils, ginger, or allspice?).

Energizing and uplifting it may help with anxiety and depression.

Since Saro is a fairly new essential oil and still being researched we would not recommend using it on young children, those with fragile health conditions, with epilepsy, or during pregnancy.

My French Mentor says he uses it interchangeably with Ravintsara, for its powerful anti viral effects.

GC/MS Analysis:
Batch No. MA-B270004
Batch No. MA-B270008
Batch No. MA-B270009
Batch No. MA-B270013
Batch No. MA-58976






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    Hard to find this oil unadulterated. Works so well for arthritic pain.

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