Rosemary Antioxidant CO2

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CO2 extracted in Germany from organically produced Rosmarinus officinalis, stabilized in organic sunflower seed oil.

– designed as an additive to short-lived fixed oils and/or essential oils, to prevent oxidation


– inhibits growth of various Candida strains

– topical treatment of skin disorders


Product Information

Rosemary Antioxidant is extracted in Germany from organic Rosemary officianalis specifically to provide us all with an anti-oxidant rich ingredient to preserve the freshness of our precious fixed oils and essential oils.

This is not an aromatherapy substitute for any of our several chemotypes of Rosemary Essential Oil. It is designed as an additive to short-lived fixed oils and/or essential oils, to prevent oxidation. (It is oxidation that causes degradation and rancidity in carrier oils and causes chemical changes in the short-lived essential oils, especially Citrus oils and Conifers.)

Rosemary Antioxidant also has skincare benefits in and of itself. It contains over 13% diterpene phenols which have approved antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-microbial effects when used at the appropriate levels in skincare blends and products.

Rosemary CO2 Antioxidant has demonstrated a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity about germs of concern in skincare. As such this is recommended as an ingredient for topical treatment of acne vulgaris, seborrheic eczema, and, sometimes, atopic dermatitis.

New research reveals that Rosemary antioxidant is also a promising multifunctional anti-aging agent, protecting cell components against oxidation and inflammation. It also appears to have broad spectrum activity against 29 types of gram positive and gram negative pathogens.

Rosemary antioxidant is also said to inhibit the growth of various Candida strains.

According to Cosmetic Science Technology, Rosemary CO2 Antioxidant naturally protects stressed skin against early aging. It is not only a high active antioxidant in cosmetic products, but also possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity. It is also recommended for topical treatment of skin disorders such as acne vulgaris, seborrheic eczema and atopic dermatitis.

As an anti-oxidant, Rosemary Antioxidant is as effective an anti-oxidant at 200 ppm as is alpha-tocopherol at 500 ppm.

It is no wonder that the producer of the vast majority of our CO2 extracts adds Rosemary Antioxidant CO2, in low levels, to many of their CO2 extracts designed for use in skincare!

USAGE: From our producer, “Dosage for anti-oxidative efficacy is usually 0.05-0.02% and should be proportional to the concentration of oxidation sensitive components in final products. A higher dosage (up to 0.5%) will cause antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and skin soothing effects too.” As with many of these powerful CO2 extracted ingredients, less is more. Please blend with a light hand.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle. Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. GE-861106
Batch No. GE-861310
Batch No GE-471214
Batch No. GE-58834
Batch No. GE-58933







5000 mls, 15 ml, 2 oz bulk, 4 oz bulk, 8 oz bulk, 16 oz bulk, 32 oz bulk

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  1. Paris P

    ( 1 Review )

    Paris P

    What a handy dandy resource! I have highly porous hair that responds best to water based moisturizers. I added this to a diy matcha tea & distilled water base moisturizing spray with other essential oils and hydrosols (with a soluble agent) and keep it in the fridge and my hair loves it. While it has a short lifespan anyway, this rosemary helps keep it fresh while adding the all benefits of regular rosemary. Love! I hope it’s always available!

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