Rosemary Australia Hydrosol


Rosmarinus officinalis var Herb Cottage, organically grown by an artisan distiller in Australia.

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You have probably read about our rare Rosemary A-Pinene, artisan distilled in Australia, at one time a Nature’s Gift exclusive. This gentle, fresh Hydrosol is the other distillate from that beautiful harvest.

Let me be honest. I am not a Rosemary lover. But this fresh, light essential oil and hydrosol are like none I have ever experienced. Much lighter and “cleaner” in aroma than most Rosemarys, with a hint of the mountains… a hint of the conifers that are all so rich in alpha-pinene, the component that gives them their characteristic aroma.

Jeanne Rose says that this softly scented herbal water is a gentle tonic for all skin types, it is antifungal (all external uses) and can be taken internally for anti-aging, liver problems and candida. Catty says that it works on the middle layer of the skin, calming irritation from the inside out. Use it in a steam or hot compress to bring impurities to the surface and decongest clogged pores. She suggests combining it with Rose Geranium, Melissa, Roman Chamomile, and Carrot Seed Hydrosols for skin rejuvenation. Robert Tisserand uses this chemotype of Rosemary oil in an anti-acne blend so I would expect the hydrosol to be mildly anti-bacterial. I plan to use it in a nebulizer for respiratory issues.

Susanne Catty recommends taking Rosemary Hydrosol internally for treating the respiratory system and problems of congestion and mucous. She also recommends its use in a hot compress over and/or around the ear to aid with ear infections.

My friend Mark Webb recommends cooking with it… a splash in the water when cooking garlic mashed potatoes,& a bit when cooking green beans, perhaps add a splash to gravy for lamb or chicken?

This is a rare delight, and not to be missed.







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