Rosacea Travel/Sampler Kit


Our Rosacea Treatment Products with Helichrysum Hydrosol Toner in smaller sizes.

Product Information

Rosacea, a form of adult acne, needs very gentle treatment. Our suite of Rosacea Products contains many of the oils used in our Clarifying Synergy, primarily the anti-inflamatory oils, with other powerful yet gentle anti-inflammatories.

Clients who have used it have been pleased with the results. We can not predict whether or not it will work for you, but it has helped others.

We recommend the use of the Rosacea Cleanser on a daily basis, with the Rosacea Treatment Gel used as needed. It is extremely gentle and may be applied throughout the day.

Rosacea Travel/Sample Kit: We continue to receive raves about our Rosacea Treatment products. But, for those just trying them for the first time, they can be a major investment. And the packages are a bit large to toss into a suitcase or gym bag. So we have repackaged all of them in smaller sizes, the Rosacea Cleanser (1 fl oz), the Rosacea Treatment Gel (1/2 ounce), and the Helichrysum Hydrosol Toner (1 fl oz), in a clear vinyl spa bag for ease in packing. Please note: No Nature’s Gift discounts or promotions may apply to this kit.



6 oz


4 × 1.5 × 7 in


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