Chamomile, German, CO2 SELECT


Matricaria recutita (syn Matricaria chamomilla), ethically farmed, CO2 Select extracted in Germany
•Highly anti-inflammatory
•Analgesic, Pain Relieving
•Skin protectant, skin restorative
•Antioxidant, antibacterial
•Sweet floral aroma

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Product Information

Why two German Chamomile CO2 extracts? Because they have different components, and different usage.

For wound healing, please reach for our thick German Chamomile CO2 TOTAL, rich in the plant waxes that help your skin heal itself. It is, admittedly, very thick, and very difficult to work with, (which is why we offer it in a 10% dilution for your convenience.) This German Chamomile CO2 SELECT is a pourable liquid, a bit thicker than the distilled oil, but much thinner than, for example, vetiver or some of the resinous oils. As you can see in the accompanying photo, it is definitely “pourable.”

But for the anti-inflammatory effects that we so often reach for German Chamomile…to sooth a burn, to ease the pain of an inflamed joint, there is nothing like this SELECT German Chamomile CO2. The secret of its efficacy lies in its chemistry. Matricine, which normally occurs in the herb and is 10 times as powerful as chamazulene, remains in this CO2 SELECT extract. (In the distilled version matricine is turned into chamazulene, which gives distilled German Chamomile its inky blue color, but lessens its anti-inflammatory properties.) In addition, there is a rare, healing sesquiterpine called alpha-bisabolol. This component is present at less than one percent in our distilled oil, but is present in an unprecedented 43+% in the CO2 extract.

Among other things, a-bisabolol has a sweet floral aroma, making this healing extract an aromatic delight. More than that, a-bisabolol is known to be an anti-irritant, protecting skin from weathering and environmental damage; is believed to support and stimulate the skin’s own healing process; is said to moisturize and restore suppleness to damaged skin; acts as an anti-oxidant; is both an analgesic and relaxant; reduces sunburn; and is effective against some bacteria.

When our current batch of Baby Bottom Balm is finished, we are going to substitute this German Chamomile Select for the distilled oil we currently use, and we are adding it to our Sunburn Soother, and any other product which needs a superb anti-oxidant.

I do not remember when I have been as excited about a new product, as I am this German Chamomile Select CO2 extract!

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle. Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. GE-261019

Batch No. GE-771113
Batch No. GE-58860
Batch No. GE-59089







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