Rosa Alba (White Rose) CO2

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Rosa alba, organically produced, CO2 extracted, Bulgaria.

– Rare and precious

– Closest in aroma to the raw botanical

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Product Information

The rare and precious white rose from Bulgaria’s Valley of the Roses is a direct descendant of the ancient Rosa Gallica, one of the oldest members of the rose family. The Rosa Alba has a much more intense aroma than Rosa Damascena, source of our traditional Rose Otto. A very special luxury indeed, Rosa Alba Oil is available undiluted or in a 5% Dilution in Organic Jojoba Oil for ease of use and affordability.

This total extraction is thick and creamy. We have found that it responds well to gentle warming, and will dilute very easily in slightly warmed Jojoba Oil. We have not had success diluting it in our Fractionated Coconut Oil. For reasons unknown it doesn’t dissolve well in the Fractionated Coconut oil, so we recommend using our Jojoba. The producer has mentioned having success in diluting in other fixed oils, but the ones he mentioned are shorter lived and I would not blend a rare and costly aromatic into a shortlived carrier oil.

The CO2 extraction method yields a product closer in aroma to the raw botanical…in this case the true white rose…than does the process of distillation. More of the aromatic chemicals come through the process, and yet there are no solvents used as found in our Rose Absolutes. This wonderful CO2 extract may be the ultimate pure and natural rose oil.

It is more affordable than our classic Rosa Damascena (Rose Otto) Bulgarian. Like any rose oil, it can have a powerful effect at even low dilutions. We recommend using in normal aromatherapy dilution.

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Batch No: BU-RACOSE 1-6
Batch No: BU-58556
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Reviews (3)

  1. Nan from Massachusetts

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Nan from Massachusetts

    I purchased a 2ml size. The consistency is solid rather than liquid. I digged out a tinny little bit, it took a while to fully dissolve in FCC. To expedite the dissolve process, I put the roller bottle into warm water. Overall this is a different smell than Rose damascena, less sweet, less strong, but more floral and subtle, if Rose damascena is a modern model with all of out going charms, rose alba is a pretty sunshine teenager girl that gives a less intense but pleasant feeling. Somehow I smell some background scent that does not seems to be from rose, something very apparent, non ignorable rancid feeling. [ our comment… we dont get that at all, Nan… I think it could be individual reactions to scent?]

  2. Allison from Texas

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Allison from Texas

    This is hands down the BEST Rose I have ever purchased! I don’t regret paying $70 (Originally*$78) for this once in a lifetime EXTREMELY RARE commodity! $70 may seem like a lot of money for just 2mL. But it isn’t really when you take into account that it takes nearly TWICE as many roses to make essential oil compared pink Bulgarian rose, which takes a lot already. The scent is superior, NOT just because it’s more intense, but it seems to have a lasting effect as well. White Rose oil is rare on its own, but the White co2 is a gift from nature that I’ll definitely get again. Also this is EXTREMELY CONCENTRATED & a little goes a long way even more so here. It’s a solid waxy mass, making it SUPERIOR TO Rose Otto. I looked EVERYWHERE for a Rose Alba co2 (so I could have an oil closer in aroma to the flower. Super happy with this & THANK YOU FOR making this available! I can’t wait to get ANOTHER!:)

  3. Justine from California

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Justine from California

    I think I might have just accidentally wiped $10 worth of this CO2 on my pants . . .
    The CO2 itself is semi-solid, kind of crystal-like with some jelly texture. Similar to rose otto when it’s kept in a refrigerator. The scent? Out of this world!
    I am surrounded by it. The scent fills this small space and it’s all I feel. It is rose, sweet, deeply floral, with that little thing — that thing that makes it alba over all the others, a bit of green and wild and unreservedness. It possesses that warm rose roundness, but it also has a cool green edge. There’s a fruit note in there, like kiwi without the tart, but it’s in the back — way, way in the back. My nose almost didn’t catch it. This scent makes me feel lazy. Like I want to lie down and listen to blues and think about all of the things I want to do. This is not a soapy rose or a robust rose — it is a wild rose, a sexy rose, a rose without shame, and why should she have any shame? She is what she is —

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