Rosa Alba (White Rose) CO2, 10% Dilution


Rosa alba, organically produced, CO2 extracted, Bulgaria.

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Product Information

The rare and precious white rose from Bulgaria’s Valley of the Roses is a direct descendant of the ancient Rosa Gallica, one of the oldest members of the rose family. The Rosa Alba has a much more intense aroma than Rosa Damascena, source of our traditional Rose Otto. A very special luxury indeed, Rosa Alba Oil is available undiluted or in this 10% Dilution in Organic Jojoba Oil for ease of use and affordability.

This total extraction is thick and creamy. We have found that it responds well to gentle warming, and will dilute very easily in slightly warmed Jojoba Oil. We have not had success diluting it in our Fractionated Coconut Oil. For reasons unknown it doesn’t dissolve well in the Fractionated Coconut oil, so we recommend using our Jojoba. The producer has mentioned having success in diluting in other fixed oils, but the ones he mentioned are shorter lived and I would not blend a rare and costly aromatic into a shortlived carrier oil.

The CO2 extraction method yields a product closer in aroma to the raw botanical…in this case the true white rose…than does the process of distillation. More of the aromatic chemicals come through the process, and yet there are no solvents used as found in our Rose Absolutes. This wonderful CO2 extract may be the ultimate pure and natural rose oil.

The bargain price, compared to our other roses, means that it will not last long. If it interests you, I would order immediately.

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