Pipettes, Disposable


These are the same pipettes we use in the blending room, available in two sizes.


Product Information

Standard: six inch plastic pipettes that will measure a full three ml of oil or carrier. (Some sources of pipettes don’t give you the size…I remember buying “six inch pipettes” from one prominent supplier and received needle thin pipettes that would only hold one ml when filled…far too thin in diameter to use with the thicker oils like Patchouli or my beloved Vetivers.) These work with all our oils and absolutes except for the thickest CO2 extracts. Available in packages of 12, 50, 100, or 500.

Tiny: For some time now we’ve been packaging our 2 ml oils with teeny tiny pipettes for easier dispensing of just a drop or two. They fit neatly inside the hole in the orifice reducer and allow you to dispense an evenly measured drop, or two, or three. You’ve asked us to make them available for your use. (Yes, they are more expensive than our “regular” pipettes; they cost US a lot more. That makes no sense, but they do.) Available in packages of 12 and 100. Someone just asked, and we had no idea. The little MiniPipettes hold one ml if filled to the base of the bulb, and if you try to fill the whole thing including the bulb the most we could suction in was 1.25 ml.







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