Pinon Pine Resin Oil

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Pinus edulus resin and branches

  • A Nature’s Gift exclusive
  • Hyrodistilled by the artisans who produce our Pinon Pine Hydrosol.
  • Deeply resinous in aroma
  • Helpful for respiratory issues
  • Might be useful for joint pain
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Product Information

A rare treasure from the artists who create our Pinon Pine Hydroso l. I wrote above of their reverence for the trees, and the gifts they harvest and distill. “The distillers trim off twigs that are only a few inches long, just a few cuttings per tree, making sure to take some from all directions, so their foraging will be undetectable. When they have collected from an area, they then perform a ceremony thanking the trees for their gifts to us humans.”

While harvesting the needles and twigs, they keep their eyes open for the “pitch pine”… the resin produced by the trees. They distilled a special batch just for Nature’s Gift.

Pinon Pine Resin has historically been used as incense, for meditation; in a salve to treat various dermatitis conditions. It is said to be both antibacterial and antifungal. Aromatically, it is balsamic… resinous. (Is that a cliche?) I expect the oil to be thick, like Vetiver, but it literally pours out of the dropper, saturating my scent strip. Oh dear, I’m going to have to inhale its aroma all day.

I am enjoying its aroma on a scent strip as I write about it, and I must say it does NOT help me concentrate. It takes me away to another place.

Kabrina just sat with the bottle cap for a bit. Her reaction? “This is a very dangerous oil. It makes me want to leave all this behind, run away to some woods where no human being has been, only me. And build a cabin and stay there.” She said first, “It smells like Christmas.” and then, “It is just the essence of the woods, where no one has ever been to disturb things.” (I think the harvester/distiller will love this description!)

GC? No, there isn’t one. I have no idea what the components are for this rare beauty. Perhaps someday we will have enough to analyze, but for now, let us appreciate this gem while it’s here.







2 ml, 5 ml, 15 ml

Reviews (3)

  1. meeshknight

    ( 3 Reviews )

    meeshknight (verified owner)

    I loved the pinon pine oil so much that I had to try this immediately. It is also wonderful. The resin is deeper and slightly more complex than the needles alone, though I especially love the two in combination. So grateful to have found Nature’s Gift and these top-shelf quality oils.

  2. grace orosz

    ( 3 Reviews )

    grace orosz (verified owner)

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  3. Rebecca Allinson

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Rebecca Allinson (verified owner)

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    Gorgeous sea pine, salty, coniferous. I adore this oil!

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