Magdalene’s Anoint


  • An anointing oil designed for spiritual work like forgiving ourselves or others.
  • Skin safe anointing oil only
  • Ages teen to adult but may dilute further for use with young ones.

Product Information

We’ve had requests to produce “a Magdalene Oil” and, for reasons unknown, never took up the challenge. Recently a lovely friend I’d not met yet called to talk about a very special gift for the women of her church…she wanted to give them all “Mary’s box”…and needed an oil to put it in. We remembered the Hospice Rose blend we had produced for an old friend in Montana, took what we had saved, and started playing. The results gave us goosebumps.

A blend of Frankincense, the most sacred of oils, Rose Otto, to strengthen a woman’s spirit, and Spikenard, oil of peace, forgiveness, and self-forgiveness. As it aged, the resulting blend touched our souls. We hope it will touch yours. Available only in a skin safe dilution in organic Jojoba Oil, Magdalene’s Anoint is the perfect adjunct for spiritual work that involves forgiving ourselves, or others.



1.1 oz


1.5 × 1.5 × 3 in


5 ml


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