Headache Relief Kit


Two oils most often recommended to ease the perception of headache pain.

We are often asked what will help with chronic headaches; the answer, of course, is it depends on the cause. However, the two most commonly recommended oils to ease the perception of pain from a headache, even from a migraine, are Lavender and Peppermint. We often recommended that clients try both of them, in different dilutions, but sometimes that can be too complicated for busy folks always on-the-go. So we decided to offer both, prediluted, in portable, easy-applicator roll-on bottles.

Apply one or both to your temples and the back of your neck, to ease the perception of pain from a headache.

Please keep the Peppermint Roll-On (and all essential oils!) away from children under six. Peppermint in particular can interfere with a young child’s breathing.

If you suffer specifically from Sinus Headaches, please see our SineEase suite of products, best used by inhalation.

If headaches plague you on a regular basis, we recommend Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches for a wide range of suggestions on coping with them.


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