Happy Baby Wash


  • Safely, gently, and naturally clean baby’s delicate skin
  • Babies seldom need soap, but if they do, this is infant safe
  • Liquid castile, with traces of lavender and chamomile, for soothing
  • Gentle enough for all ages

Product Information

This was my gift to both my grandchildren when they were born.

We use the gentlest liquid soap (saponified olive, palm and coconut oils) available, add Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oils, and further dilute it with our pure Rose Hydrosol, to safely, gently and naturally clean baby’€™s delicate skin. Now, most of the time infants do not need soap…a warm wash cloth should be enough to get them shiny clean, but for the times you do need soap, this is your best and most natural choice.

We are hearing from a lot of adult clients who love our baby wash for their delicate skin. At their request we have added a 16 or. refill size.

To read about recommended oils for babies visit our Natural Baby Care page.







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