Happy Dreams


  • Relaxing and anti-anxiety
  • Sleep Inducing
  • Gentle enough for babies, effective for adults
  • Safe for all ages when diffused

We created this blend for use in a nationally known childrens hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit, to try to ease their wee patients exhaustion and stress, to let them fall asleep. Three organic essential oils, Lavender Population for relaxation, Sweet Orange for emotional soothing and uplift, and Petitgrain Bigarade to ease stress and anxiety.

Gentle and safe enough, in the air, for the youngest member of your family when sleep eludes them, but you will find it helpful yourself when insomnia strikes.

We recommend gentle diffusion, perhaps withone of our passive diffusing AromaPods out of reach of the baby; or of course, for older children and adults, the Happy Dreams Aroma Patch.


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