Ginger Root

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Zingiber officinale,, steam-distilled fresh roots, Madagascar.
• Soothes aching joints and muscles (proper dilution)
• Warming in a chest rub for cold and flu
• Analgesic & rubefacient


Product Information

Ginger is one of my favorite essential oils, but it’s been years since we’ve been able to offer a steam-distilled Ginger Oil. Most distillations are done from the dried root, and are, aromatically…well, the word NASTY was my daughter’s reaction to one of them. The CO2 Gingers, either the Ginger CO2 select or Ginger CO2 total that we’ve offered for years are aromatically superb, but hav some cautions involved in its use. It may be more irritating (especially to the mucous membranes) than the traditional steam-distilled Ginger, and needs using with a much lighter hand.This aromatically superb steam-distilled specimen is still a skin irritant and needs using with a light hand, but should be safe for the skin in normal aromatherapy dilutions.

Ginger Essential Oil, for those who have not tried it, is wonderfully soothing for aching joints and muscles, or an upset tummy. Ginger’s heat can be irritating to the skin so be sure to dilute it. It is a wonderful ingredient in massage blends for aching muscles, or as a warming ingredient in a “chest rub” for a cold or flu. Recent studies have indicated that Cinnamon Leaf and Ginger, in synergy, are an effective analgesic and rubefacient. The combination of the two are more effective at lower dilutions than either one alone.

Ginger can be an aphrodisiac and has been used by some to treat male impotence.

To ease an upset stomach or heartburn, we usually add one drop of Ginger Oil, mixed into a teaspoon of honey in a cup. Fill with hot water, stir, and drink. Instant ginger tea!

SAFETY: Robert Tisserand advises no known hazards.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle.  Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

GC/MS Analysis:

Batch No. MA-B470004
Batch No. MA-58602
Batch No. MA-B470018

Batch No. MA-59079 Current batch

BLENDS WITH: Black Pepper, all citrus oils, the woods, resins, Fennel, and Lemongrass.







5 ml, 15 ml, 2 oz bulk, 4 oz bulk, 8 oz bulk, 16 oz bulk

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  1. Mauricio B.

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    Mauricio B. (verified owner)

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  2. Man Seung Rosita Chan

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    Man Seung Rosita Chan (verified owner)

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  3. Molly M from California

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Molly M from California

    I got a sample vial of ginger oil and experimented… usually don’t write a review for something I’ve barely used but this was so delightful I wanted to share. Yes, a drop in hot water is soothing… the scent is pleasant… and a drop rubbed over a tear-your-skin-off cluster of bites or fire-ant stings stopped the itch for hours (note that using ginger oil straight isn’t recommended — it was 3 AM and I was too desperate to read the fine print! Suggest diluting as label says.

    (Our comment…. oh, Ouch! Undiluted Ginger COULD have burned more than the bites, Molly. Glad that it helped you, but next time please dilute it way down. )

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