Ginger Hydrosol


Zingiber officianalis, Organically grown roots from a family farm in Kauai, Hawaii, flown to the US and distilled in copper stills by a master distiller.


Product Information

One of our staff didn’t want to try this so I got to be the taster. This is much more intense than the Ginger Hydrosol we offered years ago. It is still “ginger without the burn” but rather than drinking it ‘straight up’ as we did in the past, I would recommend pouring into a wee bit of sparkling water. YUM! Mildly spicy, it’s delicious. This wonderful digestive hydrosol is a delightful taste treat. And absolutely perfect for Autumn.

A delightful remedy for airsickness, carsickness, morning sickness, any sort of nausea or indigestion can be soothed by ginger’s stomachic properties. We take a half teaspoonful at a time. I’m thinking of tiny crystal liqueur glasses half filled with this wonderful hydrosol and sparkling water to be passed after Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, or any other time that folks are apt to eat too much rich food.

I also think that Ginger’s gentle warming would be wonderful in a compress for aching joints, but we honestly haven’t experimented with that yet. I just want to sip on it! We normally recommend adding from a teaspoon or a tablespoon of our hydrosols in a full glass of water. For this one? I would go with just a small bit of bubbly!







1 oz sample, 4 fl oz, 16 oz bulk


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