Essential Oil Bottle Key (Bottle Opener)


Handy gadget to help remove orifice reducers, pop the roller ball assembly out of a roller bottle, remove a sample vial cap, and re-apply all of the above.


Product Information

At the recent NAHA conference, I was removing the orifice reducer from a bottle of a fairly thick CO2 to make a scent strip, using my thumbnail, of course. Doesn’t every-one? And two new friends gave me a present, one of these “aromatherapy church keys.” When I was growing up and cans didn’t have fliptops, everyone carried a “church key” which would either puncture a can, or flip the ridged top on a bottle of soda. These handy gadgets are the aromatherapy version of the old fashioned “church key”… they will, with a little practice, remove the orifice reducer from a 2, 5 or 15 (or 30) ml bottle, remove the rollerball and housing from a 10 ml rollon bottle, the tiny curve will easily lift the stopper of a sample vial. I am told that the various sized holes in the center will make easy work of replacing orifice reducers, re-inserting roller ball tops, and generally make life easier for the home user.

I carry mine in a pocket in my cell phone case…I will NOT be without it.

Available singly ($4.99), or in a case of 3 for only $9.99

If you are buying JUST the Bottle Keys we reserve the right to ship in a padded envelope rather than a box.







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