Corn Mint


Mentha arvensis, steam-distilled ethically farmed leaves, fair trade from the mountains of Nepal

•Not for use age 6 and under
•Our “MINTIEST” Mint ever!
•Chilly and very high in menthol
•For cool pain relief or easing sinus congestion
•Use for brief periods


Product Information

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. This ultra high menthol mint variety even SMELLS cold. If you are seeking the “coldest” mint oil you can find, for easing sinus congestion or for a chilling pain relief blend I would consider this bargain-priced ancestor of our more familiar peppermint oils.

Our Midwestern Peppermint has just over 40% Menthol. Our Organic Hungarian Peppermint has about 52% and this Corn Mint weighs in at an amazing 75%!

At cool room temperature, the menthol will solidify. A few minutes in a warm pocket or a cup of warm water will easily reliquefy the contents.

This intense mint will blend with any of the oils that normally blend well with peppermint, however if your goal is scent balance, you will want to use much less. This is an assertive oil that WILL move in and take over.

SAFETY: Not for topical use or diffusion around children six and under. I would limit exposure by all avenues, even inhalation.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. NE-26850
Batch No. NE-58635







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