Coconut CO2


Cocos nucifera, extracted from organically produced cold-pressed coconut oil, Germany
•Organically Produced, Cold-Pressed
•Semi-solid room temperature, liquifies at body temperature
•Delightful aroma of summertime, coconuts!
•Perfect to blend with lotion, lip balm, just about anything.
•Mainly Saturated Fatty Acids and Delta Lactones


Product Information

An aromatic delight! This one is truly just for fun. When I handed a staffer the sample to evaluate, she took one sniff, looked at me and said “Coppertone.” This extract brings back the scent of summer.

Like our Virgin Coconut Oil, this CO2 extract is solid at cool room temperature, but liquifies at body temperature. We considered packaging it in jars, but thought of how those jars would leak in the heat of summer. It is packaged in glass bottles, ready to be popped into a cup of hot water to quickly liquify.

Constituents: The oil contains mainly triglycerides of saturated fatty acids (mainly lauric and myristic) and delta lactones (octa-, deca- and dodecalactone) responsible for the typical coconut flavor and aroma.

Uses? Wherever you want an intense coconut aroma. I see it blended with our Cocoa CO2 to scent lip balms or body balms. I see it in solid perfumes for a sweet summertime note. (Wondering how it will blend with Osmanthus ’ apricot sweetness.)


Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. GE-941402
Batch No. GE-571109







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