Calendula Total CO2, 10% Dilution


Calendula officinalis, organically produced, CO2 extracted from flowers, France.
• Anti-inflammatory
• Wound care
• Diluted for convenience
• Use at 1 to 3%


Product Information

The CO2 Total of the Calendula blossom is very thick and rich since it contains the plant waxes and heavier phytochemicals. It will appear solid in the bottle. Like our German Chamomile CO2, it is difficult to work with. I find warming both the CO2 and the carrier oil I want to add it to be the most effective way of blending it into skincare products. When we blend with it we add just a tiny bit of warmed carrier to the correct amount of CO2, and gradually increase the carrier as the CO2 softens and absorbs it.

This CO2 extract of the soothing Calendula has been shown to be anti-inflammatory. One research study indicated that the CO2 extract is as effective in reducing skin inflammation as the anti-inflammatory drug Indomethacin, a potent NSAID.

I have seen amazing success from the use of German Chamomile CO2 and Calendula CO2 in the healing of chronic skin ulcers.

Because of the extreme difficulty in working with this semisolid extract, we are producing this 10% dilution in long-lasting skin-nurturing Jojoba Oil for your convenience and ease of use. Add by the drop to your favorite skin care blend, or further dilute in your chosen carrier oil. Because the manufacturer recommends using the UNDILUTED extract at levels of 0.1 to 0.3%, this 10% dilution should be used at a level of from 1 to 3% in your skincare products (and remember that it will also add some more fixed oil to the blend. (That would be the equivalent of adding one to three drops of this 10% dilution to a 5 ml mixture.)

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. GE-651114
Batch No. GE-171001
Batch No. GE-871205
Batch No. GE-58873



2 oz


2 × 2 × 3 in


5000 mls, 15 ml


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