Bottles, PET Plastic, Cobalt or Clear


For your own massage or toiletries blends.


Product Information

We use PET plastic bottles to package our products because they can withstand diluted essential oils. If you want a larger quantity of these you may buy them much more affordably elsewhere, but we’ve had requests to make them available for “one stop shopping.”

We offer two different colors, clear and cobalt, in these sizes:

Clear, 1 fl oz, w/Disc Lid. These are the bottles we use for small quantities of our hydrosols.

Cobalt, 1 fl oz, w/ Atomizer Top or w/ Treatment Pump.
Cobalt, 4 fl oz, w/ Atomizer Top, w/ Treatment Pump.

Your choice of a white atomizer spray top (which we use for our GermBeater and our Hydrosols) or a white treatment pump (the pump we use with our facial and massage oils). The bottles with white disk top lids are for massage and facial blends of essential oils diluted in carrier oils. These hold a generous four fluid ounces.

Available either singly, in sets of 3, or SAVE when you buy sets of 12 (which are the price of ten bottles).







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