Bottles, PET Plastic, Boston Round w/Lotion Pump, Cobalt


There is no more convenient dispenser for liquid soaps, lotions, etc.


Product Information

We have used these bottles for years with a lot of our soaps and cleansers, the lotion pump is my preferred dispenser. Suddenly, about a year ago, all the “normal” bottle suppliers stopped selling lotion pumps in the size we needed to fit a 4 ounce Boston Round.

PANIC. One supplier was willing to place a special order with a manufacturer in China. The process was complicated, and took months, but eventually we were able to order several thousand of these impossible to find pumps. Then, since the pumps were not readily available, the BOTTLES became hard to source. We finally found a reliable source and brought in LOTS! If you are a small manufacturer wanting these for your product, contact me. We can work out something. For now they appear to be a Nature’s Gift exclusive!







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