Bliss Bath, Unscented


  • Our most luxurious bath – unscented
  • Do-it-yourself gift
  • Great for allergy prone
  • Safe for all ages

Product Information

We have a friend with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. She can not use any aromatic product on her skin, not even our pure essential oils in the lowest dilutions. But she wanted the emollients of our Bliss Bath to soothe dry, flaky skin. Marge whipped her up a batch of Unscented Bliss Bath…rich with Jojoba, and she loved it. Then it was suggested that people could add their own essential oils or blends to the Unscented Base. Voila!

Add approximately 1/4 cup extra jojoba, with perhaps 3 mls of your favorite synergy or essential oil. Blend in very well, and there you have it —your own custom made Bliss Bath.

We packaged this in cellophane bags, for ease of mixing. (When we package Bliss Bath in our Bail Jars, it is packed TIGHT and would be hard to work with.) If you are making this as a gift for a friend, you might want to purchase it with a Bail Jar for the presentation.







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