Blood Orange Hydrosol


Sparkling light citrus water from organically grown Blood Oranges.

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Product Information

We have been offered citrus zest hydrosols in the past and were never tempted, but our favorite hydrosol distiller offered us my favorite citrus–Blood Orange–and we didn’t even try to resist!

One staffer sampled a splash in a glass of water, “very refreshing.” Michelle and I said, “Yum!” Jim just smiled. (When Jim smiles, we know we have a winner.)

I am thinking that if we mixed equal parts Blood Orange and Neroli hydrosol, we would have something that first of all smells wonderful, and would be calming, anti-anxiety and spirit lifting… wonderful for ambience.

I’m thinking it would be a wonderful cooling toner for oily skin.

Very yum stuff!

A reminder, folks: I have clinicians who tell me that Blood Orange essential oil is the most effective anti-depressant of all of our Citrus oils. I would expect this delightful hydrosol to have the same spirit lifting effect.







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