Avocado Oil


Persea americana.  Expeller pressed; naturally refined.  A very rich and heavy oil.


Product Information

Contains: vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, pantothenic acid, protein, lecithin, fatty acids.

Uses: Very penetrating and a superb emollient. Nourishing for dry and dehydrated skin, eczema, solar keratosis, improves elasticity. Avocado oil’s moisturizing- and skin-softening properties make it a valuable addition to anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and mature skin blends.

Some studies show that Avocado Oil alone may have some skin healing properties. Good for stressed or skin “under pressure,” and sensitive or allergenic skin, per author and palliative care educator Madeleine Kerkhof-Knapp Hayes.

It is a very thick heavy oil, best blended with others. Shirley Price says very long lasting oil.

Avocado Oil is a very useful addition to handcrafted soap for mature or dry skin, since some of the unsaponifiable fractions are very useful in maintaining suppleness in mature skin.

Avocado Oil is reputed by some sources to be more penetrating than most carrier oils.

A valuable addition to massage oils and muscular blends.

Normally used at 10% dilution.



6 oz


2 × 2 × 6.5 in


4 oz


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