Baby Bottom Balm

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  • Whipped Shea, soothing Lavender and Chamomile
  • Safe for all ages
  • Protect and sooth baby’s delicate skin
  • Soft powdery non-greasy finish
  • Good for ultra dry skin
  •  Contact us for availability for local store pickup during late Spring and Summer months.

Product Information

We’ve received rave reviews of this blend of rich Shea Butter, with a sifting of Arrowroot Powder for a powdery soft finish, emollient Sweet Almond, with Vitamin E, High Altitude Lavender, and German Chamomile to sooth irritation. Light as a feather, a tiny dab is enough to spread soothing protection on your baby’s bottom, or any other irritated skin. 4oz by volume, 2.5 oz by weight, or a 16–18 oz Bail Jar holding approximately 8 ounces of this soothing soufflé. And now each Bail Jar comes with a free 1 oz travel size of the Baby Bottom Balm.

Don’t feel left out if you don’t have a baby to give this to…it makes a wonderful moisturizer for dry skin. One friend, who is a nurse and washes her hands several times a day, absolutely loves it for a hand cream. We have other clients who rave about its use for dry eczema.

This product was designed and created as a balm to treat and prevent diaper rashes. However if it can be used on a baby’s bottom, it can be used to make your skin feel as soft as a baby’s bottom! Our soothing and healing skin balm sooths and mends dry, cracked hands, elbows…you name it.

One mom’s testimonial:

The Nature’s Gift Baby Bottom Balm is the BEST thing I have ever put on skin for soothing redness, burning and itching. I use it on Susannah during most diaper changes. It smells so wonderfully fresh and clean, not perfumey or overly powdery like other baby products, which makes her room smell great instead of like diapers.:) She had her first case of diaper rash two weeks ago when she woke up with a dirty diaper. I put the Baby Bottom Balm on it at each diaper change after making sure her skin was dry, and the rash was completely gone in a day and a half. Now I make sure I put it on her before bed each night. One tub lasts a really long time, too. It is also great for all kinds of “mommy” skin problems.:) —Jenni Riles Farr

Offered alone, or as a Gift Set with our Happy Baby Wash and Happy Baby Massage Oil. To read about recommended oils for babies visit our Natural Baby Care page.







4 oz, 16 oz

Reviews (2)

  1. Skye from Florida

    ( 2 Reviews )

    Skye from Florida

    This baby balm is amazing! It goes on so smooth and smells so fresh. I love that it actually nourishes the skin while protecting it. It doesn’t have that harsh smell and feel of the typical bottom cream with the zinc oxide in it. My 2-month old daughter has never had diaper rash and I’ve been using this balm since she was born. It also makes MY hands and feet wonderfully soft which is an added bonus!! Thank you for making yet another wonderful product Nature’s Gift!!!

  2. Jennifer from Alabama

    ( 2 Reviews )

    Jennifer from Alabama

    I’m so glad this is back in stock! My 7-month old has only ever had the slightest hint of diaper rash and I know it’s largely because of this balm. I use it at most diaper changes, especially a good thick layer for overnight. It’s so rich and smooth and it smells wonderful. My little one has a happy, healthy booty! I plan to gift a tub to every soon-to-be mom I know.

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