Apricot Kernel Oil


Prunus armeniaca.

  • Light weight, quickly absorbed
  • High in oleic and linoleic acids
  • Expeller-pressed; refined; non-GMO
  • Mature skin!
  • High in Vitamin E
  • Contains Vit. B-17; laetrile

Product Information

Contains: minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin A. Rich in GLA (only effective if oil is taken internally).

Uses: Helpful for prematurely aged, sensitive, inflamed, delicate, or dry skin. Very rich and nourishing.

Len Price writes that Apricot Kernel Oil is excellent for skin protection, since it is both emollient and nourishing. Its light texture causes it to be readily absorbed by the skin. It is beneficial in relieving the itchiness caused by eczema and is most suitable for sensitive skin or dry and aging skins. I use it as part of my “basic blend” for skin care, and it is one of my favorite carrier oils for mature skin. Can be used 100% strength but normally used at 10–50%.







4 oz, 16 oz bulk


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