Yarrow Hydrosol


Achillea millefolium, Organically grown and distilled in Canada


Product Information

This cleansing and astringent hydrosol is wonderful added to a sitz bath or compress for varicose veins or cellulite. Its cleansing and detoxifying actions make it one of the toners of choice for skin with acne. Also useful as an anti-inflammatory for inflamed or irritated skin (although I would reach for witch hazel or one of our chamomiles for that).

Suzanne Catty says that used internally or in a compress it improves digestion, quickly relieving indigestion and heartburn, and recommends its internal use as a liver cleanse. She also says that in a compress, Yarrow Hydrosol will help remove accumulation of fluid, from edema or injuries.

My source says this is a highly energetic hydrosol, useful in spiritual healing work, that it provides mental calmness and helps one find peace. It is also recommended for cleansing the aura and cleansing crystals.

It has recently come to my attention that Yarrow Hydrosol is almost a miracle cure for any sort of itching skin condition. It almost instantly soothes the itch of insect bites, eczema, poison ivy, sunburn… a wonderfully effective skin soother. I’ve heard that the hydrosol, used as a compress or as the water phase of a lotion is effective in treating both psoriasis and eczema, soothing the itch, and calming inflammation, and assisting the basal cells of the skin in healing. Jeanne Rose recommends using Yarrow Hydrosol for acne and for damaged skin. She also suggests the use of Yarrow Hydrosol and Tea Tree Hydrosol for seborrhea.

I’ve been treating hotspots on my fur kids with a spritz of Yarrow once or twice a day.

Cathy Skipper andFlorian Birkmayer teach that Yarrow has an affinity to the blood.







1 oz sample, 4 oz, 16 oz bulk


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