Vegetable Glycerine


Pure, food grade USP vegetable glycerine.


The secret of your grandmother’s favorite hand lotion…rosewater and glycerine. Pure, food-grade USP vegetable glycerine. Very thick and sticky, and a wonderful humectant. Glycerine has a unique talent for equalizing the moisture level between two surfaces, so if you add a bit of glycerine to a facial blend, and you live in a humid climate, the moisture in the air will be attracted to your skin. Be warned, though, if you live or work in an overly dry (air-conditioned or overheated) environment, the glycerine will attempt to draw moisture from your skin, rather than into it.

Glycerine is water soluble, rather than oil soluble, so blend just a bit with your favorite hydrosol, or add to the water phase of a cream or lotion. It will not incorporate into a facial oil or salve that contains no water.


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