Sunburn Soother

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  • Soothing blend to ease the pain of sunburn or other burns.
  • Aloe plus Jojoba
  • Skin soothing oils of German Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Lavender
  • Researched at a cancer center for post radiation treatment
  • Helpful for any kind of burn
  • Safe ages 2 and up.

Product Information

Our Hints and Tips files and old Newsletters are filled with sunburn remedies shared by our clients. The common threads are Lavender, Helichrysum, and one of the “blue” essential oils, with either a rich carrier oil or aloe vera. We’ve combined the best of all in our new Sunburn Soother. Healing Aloe Vera to ease the pain, Jojoba to keep the skin moisturized, and Helichrysum, Lavender, and German Chamomile to ease pain and relieve the inflammation. We all love the feel of this blend of totally organic ingredients. It absorbs quickly without any stickiness, and leaves the skin feeling cool and smooth. Shake well before using, since there are no emulsifiers added.

Order now, be prepared!

Our Sadie got a really nasty burn from picking up a too hot cup of coffee. I have never seen a burn-blister that looked worse. She tried our Sunburn Soother on it. Her comments:

Hello Marge,
I just wanted to let you know that your new sunburn gel has totally healed that too-hot-coffee-cup burn I had on my hand. In just two days, the blister completely healed up and is nothing but a memory now!! You’ve got yourself another miracle oil, here… I am sure it will be just as amazing on sunburns. And I want to buy a bottle of it to keep around the house in case of mishaps with hot things…

Just thought I’d brag on it.

(Maybe we should call it “Sun and Other Burns Soother”?)

2012—A friend just completed a long case of radiation to treat a tumor on his rectum. He complained that the prescribed medication (meant to heal the burn) burnt when applied; it was alcohol-based. I gave him a bottle of Sunburn Soother. He was amazed and delighted. The one ounce bottle was more than enough; within a week he was able to discontinue use. At first application he felt the soothing of the aloe, rather than the burn of alcohol. He is giving the left over bottle to his oncologist later this month.



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  1. Monique from Massachusetts

    ( 1 Review )

    Monique from Massachusetts (verified owner)

    Over a month ago, I got a 2nd degree burn from spilling boiling water on the front of my thigh. It measured 10″ by 6″ and there were several blisters including a large one almost an inch in diameter. I was given Bacitracin by the urgent care nurse but realized that unless the blisters burst there were no other breaks in my skin where infection was a concern. I shelved the antibiotic ointment and started a new regimen. First, gentle cleaning using baby soap. Next, carefully pat the area dry. Then, apply Sunburn Soother (SS). Last, the toughest challenge was to protect the area from dirt, friction from clothes, and keep the area moist but not wet. When two of the blisters burst, I lightly applied the Bacitracin but still treated the entire area with SS. In 10 days, the area started to itch and flake. The SS was even more important: soothing the itching, moisturizing/hydrating, keeping the skin supple, and protecting the new as the dead skin flaked off. Now, 27 days later, the darker color of the new skin is slowly fading and the “map” I had on my thigh is shrinking. By touch, I can’t even tell where the burn was and the new skin is. My skin tends to keloid and I was afraid I’d have this huge scar, but not this time.

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