Rose Hip SEED CO2


Rosa canina, seeds organically produced in Chile, CO2 extracted in Germany. Also known as Rose Hip Seed Oil.

– moisturizer for aging skin

– dry, scaly, fissured skin; dull skin; eczema, psoriasis

– prophylactic after burns or trauma or ulcerated veins, scars


Product Information

During a worldwide shortage of cold pressed Rose Hip Seed oil a few years ago, we discovered this lovely CO2 extract, and were impressed by its improved skin-feel and much longer shelf life, with, of course, no loss of effectiveness. We have no plans to bring back the cold pressed oil; in our experience this is a much better alternative.

Contains: GLA, linolenic acids, oleic acid, palmitic acid.

Uses: dry, scaly, fissured skin; dull skin; eczema, psoriasis; over-pigmented skin; scars, (blend with Helichrysum italicum for fading old scars); prophylactic after burns or trauma or ulcerated veins and scars. Avoid with acne and oily or blemished skins. Use as 10% additive or neat for very dry, aging skin.

There is no better moisturizer for aging skin—or skin that doesn’t want to show signs of aging. I especially recommend a blend of Rose Hip Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Essential Oil for anti-aging effects. (I personally add a touch of Neroli and Frankincense to the mix.)

Research in Chile has shown that Rosehip Seed Oil is a tissue regenerator, helping to prevent signs of aging, reducing scar tissue, and minimizing wrinkles.

Madeleine Kerkhof recommends the use of Rose Hip Seed CO2 extract in blends for pain relief, for rheumatoid arthritis, and for any blend for varicose veins and/or phlebitis.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. GE-252108
Batch No. GE-471111
Batch No. CL-871221
Batch No. GE-58833
Batch No. GE-58877
Batch No. GE-59112







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