Rosa Damascena CO2, 5% Dilution


Rosa damascena, organically produced, CO2 extracted, Bulgaria.


Product Information

This lush, rich CO2 extract is from the same rose harvest that gives us our classic, organic Rose Otto from Bulgaria’s Valley of the Roses.

The CO2 extraction method yields a product closer in aroma to the raw botanical than does the process of distillation. More of the aromatic chemicals come through the process, and yet there are no solvents used as found in our Rose Absolutes. This wonderful CO2 extract may be the ultimate pure and natural rose oil. Because it contains some of the floral waxes that are not found in distillation, it will require gentle warming to liquify. We suggest warming and diluting upon receipt, since repeated warming are not going to enhance its shelf life.

Because the CO2 process produces more of the precious rose oil than does the process of distillation, this beauty costs a bit less than traditonal Rose Otto. We are delighted to make it available to you. I personally plan to use it in all my rose concoctions, rather than the Rose Otto I have always used.

Available here diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil, or pure and undiluted.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. BU-RDCOSE 1-6
Batch No. BU-58557







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