Oregano CO2

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Origanum vulgare, Organically grown from leaves in Turkey, CO2 Select extracted in Germany

– Powerful germ-killer

– Best diffused or in a personal inhaler


Product Information

With over 80% Carvacrol this CO2 extract will have all the germ-killing power that you have come to expect from distilled Oregano. We have had trouble sourcing a reliable Oregano vulgare, and although we personally prefer our Spanish Oregano, there are those who insist on only Oregano vulgare. We are delighted to find this Select extraction.

We prefer to use this potent oil in an inhaler or simply to inhale from a tissue.

If you do plan on using topically, please limit to dilution to 0.25% or 0.5%. But, honestly, please don’t. Inhalation will get the components into your blood stream far faster than topical application. Strong dilutions or neat usage can cause blistering and severe irritation. Prolonged internal use will place a burden on the liver.

SAFETY: Embryotoxic, to be avoided by all methods of use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Can prevent blood clotting, so avoid when on blood thinners or when facing surgery.

Batch #TU-58602






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  1. Jerry from California

    ( 1 Review )

    Jerry from California

    These oils from this company are legit high quality oils. This oil is extremely potent!

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