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Hello Beardy!

We’d like to introduce you to our new line of beard oils. For decades we’ve been mesmerized, for years intrigued, and months contemplating. How do we tame that beast yet let the animal inside thrive? Well, here’s our collaborative solution. We sniffed, scoured, and hunted the perfect oil combinations with thoughts of your mind, beard, and spirit in our hearts and heads. You deserve the pampering that you’ve worked so hard for. Growing a beard may be easy for some, but maintaining it is a different story. We chose oils that are obviously aromatically magnetizing, but kept in mind the health of what lies underneath as well. For growth, one needs to nurture a strong foundation. All skin nourishing, each beard oil in this set provides its own unique benefits. Each individually has its ability to have you craving midnight under the stars as you roam your domain, basking in the sunlight as it peers through the canopy, or just spending an evening curled up in the den with thoughts of tomorrow’s adventures an open book.

Night Owl is a blend of Mango Ginger 10%, Rosemary A-Pinene, and Orange Blossom in a base of Jojoba Oil. (Mango Ginger is our most effective antiinflammatory ingredient).

Bear Hug is a blend of Frankincense Black Sacra, Sandalwood New Caledonian, and Seabuckthorn Berry in a base of White Camellia Oil (All these oils are skin healers!)

Sly Fox is a blend of Tabac 10%, Vanilla 10%, Organic Patchouli, and Bergamot FCF (FCF is sun safe for your skin) in a base of Sesame Oil (Patchouli is wonderful for chapped or weatherbeaten skin).



6 oz


2 × 6 × 4 in


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