Flu Foil

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  • Our favorite antiviral oils!
  • Best diffused or in a personal inhaler
  • Fresh, non-medicinal aroma
  • Ages 6 and up when diffused

Product Information

After a blog post sharing my mentor’s favorite anti-flu blend, we had several requests to make the “flu blend” available pre-mixed.  So we put our team to work!

To the basic formula of Palma Rosa, Eucalyptus, and Lavender, we’ve added our new gentle anti-viral Ravintsara. We recommend the synergy for use in an aromatherapy lamp or diffuser, or to create your own personal inhaler.






Reviews (1)

  1. Carol from Missouri

    ( 1 Review )

    Carol from Missouri

    I would be willing to bet that this blend has kept me healthy for the last 3 winters. I’m prone to getting respiratory infections, and I keep an inhaler of it in my car while shopping and being around coughing/sneezing people. It just smells heavenly to me to boot!

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