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We had been told that my book was out of print. This is why we issued it in Kindle format. Come to find out, after the printer promising if they were to be “remaindered” I would have the courtesy of first offer, the long out of print book showed up on Amazon. In large quantities. For far less than we paid for it wholesale years ago. At any rate. We bought some. Yes, you can buy them for less on Amazon. But if you would like your very own autographed copy, and a copy of the dedication (which the publisher omitted,) you may order it here. We only have a few.

Please note when ordering, there may be a day or two delay in shipping.

If you are familiar with the content and descriptions on our website, you will find little here that is new to you. But if you want to look up our descriptions of the oils, or if you want a nice introductory book to interest a friend, this might be the one. It is NOT a textbook for the serious student. We offer Sylla’s reference manual, and Sal Battaglia’s books for those. But we were told that the physical book was a beautiful introduction, and a handy reference.

(The editor managed to omit the dedication I had written, thanking some of the mentors who have guided me on this aromatic journey. We’ve added it!)

Unfortunately, no other Nature’s Gift discounts may apply.

I sent a copy to my friend and mentor Sylla Sheppard-Hanger… this was her response…high praise indeed!)

“Marge thank you so much, I got mine today!! I had to read it from cover to cover. How exciting, what an awesome little power packed book for anyone to have close at hand. You covered it all (especially love the safety notes in red, very clear!) and you give some good recipes and personal advice. What a nice thing to see – I couldn’t put it down, handy to hold, nice pictures and it’s pretty too!! Thank you for putting this together – it should be a great help to others to get properly started or to have as a handy reference. Good job, well done!”
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger

Here are more reviews and comments on the hard copy:

From Tina Sams, editor of The Essential Herbal magazine:

“My copy came yesterday and it’s gorgeous, well written, and filled with information (as expected). Knowing Marge, I did expect this to be a delight to the senses, and was not disappointed. Hard cover, nice stock, color pictures… Lots of info on a good number of oils, with recipes and how-to’s included. Nicely done, Marge!”

More comments:

What a WONDERFUL book!! Took a quick glance thru it and I am re-organizing my weekend to give me time to sit down and be totally absorbed in it. WooHoo! (So glad I got a couple extra for gifts.)

Dear Marge, Thank you for your lovely book. It is beautifully done! I am so proud to know you.
Love Jane

Hi Marge,
Just got my order including your new book and it is spectacular!!! I was expecting a paperback kind of thing that I could drag around w/my bag of oils but it’s sooo beautiful, the pictures are stunning, it’s really an “art” book but at the same time it’s so useful, the best of tips off your website – you really did a great job! Karla

Again, thank you so much for your book!!! You have put a lot of work into this. What a great resource for people starting out in aromatherapy!! I can’t wait to share it with others!! Debi

Thank you so much for sending my special copy of your book. It is lovely!! I especially like your personal touches..blends, everyday uses, your experiences, hints and even when you explain that certain oils pour very sloooowly. To me, that speaks of an intimate relationship with the oils not someone just writing another “how to” book on aromatherapy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! xoxo Kathy

Diane wrote: “It’s almost as newsy as yr website (which I just love)! and I really like the pictures with it. Sort of a lovely little coffee table book – that’s what I’m doing with it anyway – a definite addition to my expanding library.”

And for our first “real, published” review, please click here. Other reviews, in the Massage Therapy Journal and on the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy website.



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