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Cistus ladanifer, wildcrafted, steam-distilled by the traditional “open fire” method, Spain. The most aromatically intense Cistus I’ve experienced in over a decade. Distilled from the resinous leaves
•Deep, resinous, rich, warm, spicy
•Lymph massage, Swollen glands
•Chronic Skin conditions, psoriasis
•Meditation, Centering, Prayer


Product Information

This “Traditional Cistus” is the most potently aromatic specimen I have experienced in over a decade. If you love deep and resinous scents you simply must try this!

Cistus is a wonderful addition to a lymph drainage massage blend, and, in a warm compress, is said to be an effective treatment for swollen lymph glands.

For abdominal pains caused by cold, cystitis, or painful menses, a sitz bath with a blend of Cistus and Sweet Marjoram may provide relief.

Skin care: blend with German Chamomile CO2 to treat chronic slow-healing skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, infected and inflamed skin conditions of all sorts.

Rich, warm and spicy in aroma, Cistus has been used emotionally to warm what is frozen, a wonderful oil for those who have been traumatized or suffer from a dramatic loss.

Cistus is considered one of the ancient spiritual oils with a history of being used in incense as an aid to meditation and centering. Many authorities believe that Cistus is the “Rose of Sharon” mentioned in the bible.

One knowledgeable friend recommends it as an aid in astral projection; I believe she blends it with Spikenard, to ground her body, and applies a drop of the blend to the third eye.

We also offer Labdanum Absolute, which is basically, solvent-extracted Cistus. If you are a fan of Cistus, it’s worth your while to take a look at the Labdanum. See also our Cistus Hydrosol —great for mature skin!

Certificate of Analysis:
Jun 2104
Batch No. SP-17090
Batch No. SP-20408
Batch No. SP-0018205
Batch No. SP-23542
Batch No. SP-59054

BLENDS WITH: Bergamot, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Cypress, Helichrysum, Juniper, Lavender, Orange, Patchouli, Pine, Sandalwood, Vetiver.







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  1. Jyll

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Jyll (verified owner)

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    Excellent quality.

  2. Clacina from Virginia

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Clacina from Virginia

    I first bought a 2ml amount of this oil to use for grounding purposes when I felt anxious – which I thought was related to hormonal changes – honestly I did not care for it at first sniff, and put it aside.Sitting in my stash a few years; I reached for it last month when I woke feeling all congested – it worked wonders.It is intense, very medicinal(resinous), but,I will always keep some on hand. I ordered another bottel.

  3. Dawn from Iowa

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Dawn from Iowa

    I am drawn to Cistus and have tried it from a few different companies. I worried from the description that perhaps this one would have a stronger smell than I like. But it is beautiful in a skin care lotion. Also often add a drop to my diffuser with other oils at night. helps me feel grounded

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