Celery Seed CO2


Apium graveolens, seed oil, CO2 total, contains both essential oil and lipid components. Seeds grown in India, CO2 extracted in Germany
•Avoid use during pregnancy
•Do not use with small children
•Diuretic and Detoxifier
•Inflammation, Edema

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Product Information

Oh my goodness! Jim brought me a scent strip of this new Celery Seed Extract and I wanted to eat it! Crisp, green, crunchy… it smells like the ultimate stalk of fresh Celery. Not what I had expected! Very yummy.

But we didn’t bring it in because it smells yummy. Celery Seed CO2 is a powerful diuretic, a detoxifier, and a tonic for the urinary system.

Madeleine Kerkhof recommends it for treating gout, for pain stemming from inflammation, for edema, in a sitz bath for treating cystitis, for cleansing and detox. If fluid retention is contributing to high blood pressure it could be helpful for that, as well. Recent research suggests celery seed CO2 extract may also be an effective antifungal.

This powerful aromatic extract will probably be most useful by inhalation, either just from a tissue, or from a personal inhaler. For topical use, normally used in 1 or 2%, although you could go as high as 4% for a small area. Madeleine says to avoid use with small children, and avoid topical use while pregnant.

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