Bay Laurel Hydrosol


Bay Laurel leaves, Laurus nobilis organically grown and distilled in France, sometimes called Laurel Leaf

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Product Information

Bay Laurel (aka Bay Leaf) Hydrosol is derived from hydro-distillation of Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis, sometimes called Laurel Leaf). It bears a very similar aroma and has a sweet, delicious taste, much gentler than the dried leaves or the essential oil.

Laurel Leaf Hydrosol is said to have an affinity with the lymphatic system. Used with dry brushing, before or after a shower, it should encourage lymph drainage. Suzanne Catty writes that Bay Laurel Hydrosol is an immune booster, and helpful for systemic infections. It would be an excellent defense at the start of a viral infection.

Liz Fulcher, of the Aromatic Wisdom Institute teaches, “In my experience, the shelf life of Bay Laurel hydrosol is between 18-24 months when stored properly, in a cool, dark location with no headspace in the bottle.”

She continues, “Because of its pleasant taste, I’ve found Bay Laurel to be one of the best choices of hydrosol for oral health and hygiene. A regular practice of gargling with this beautiful aromatic water will sweeten the breath. It’s also beneficial for soothing sore gums and canker sores inside the cheeks by swishing in the mouth several times a day.”

I have always recommended Myrrh, either the essential oil, CO2 or the newly available hydrosol for inside the mouth sores, as described above, so I am delighted to learn of a more pleasant tasting alternative!

Despite Liz’s comment on the shelf life, Bay Laurel is normally spoken of as having a shorter shelf life than most hydrosols. I would urge you to buy what you will use within a few months and store it carefully.








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