Aloe Vera Butter

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  • Organically grown Aloe Vera, enfleuraged into organically produced Coconut Oil
  • Product of USA
  • Wonderful for inflamed skin or mild burns

Product Information

This is not the sweetly-scented Extra Virgin Coconut Cream Oil we offer elsewhere, but an odorless, white, instantly melting cream, enriched with the center gel filets of organically grown aloe leaves. This has all the creamy richness of coconut cream oil with the soothing healing anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera. Please note that this creamy emollient melts instantly at below body temperature. If you live in a warmer climate we strongly suggest that you order our 16 ounce bail jar size; we are concerned that the smaller jars might melt in transit.

Ideal to counteract winter’s harsh winds and cold, soothing chapped hands and faces, or to treat a sunburn or kitchen burn. Warm it gently in a bowl of warm water to add your favorite soothing essential oils. Lavender for a burn perhaps. I’m thinking a touch of Poplar Balsam for healing irritated skin or small wounds. There are so many directions we could go with fragrancing this wonderful healing balm. We looked at the range of possibilities, and decided to leave it up to you!

As with all of our butters, since there is no added anti-oxidant, please only purchase what you will use within the next year, and store it under cool and dark conditions.






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  1. Genevieve from Colorado

    ( 1 Review )

    Genevieve from Colorado (verified owner)

    Really like having the Aloe in the coconut oil. I love it, both in skin applications and is excellent toothpaste base combination!

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