Abyssinian Oil

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Abyssinian Oil (Abyssinica Oil) Crambe abyssinica, nuts ground and cold-pressed in Canada.

  • Long Chain fatty acids: unsaturated
  • Related to Broccoli Seed Oil
  • Highest in Erucic Acid, long-chain fatty acid giving a long shelf life
  • Non-greasy, good for oily, dry, and mature skin at 55 – 65% of your blend
  • Luxurious massage base
  • Protects skin

Product Information

We had heard of this exotically named fixed oil but knew nothing about it until, during an Essential Oil Safety Masterclass Q&A period, someone asked Robert Tisserand “What is your favorite carrier oil?” His answer, “… I think Abyssinian oil is really interesting – completely odorless, not very greasy. Yeah, Abyssinian oil. Check it out. Very interesting oil.”  Well….he said to check it out, and we did. We are in love!

Christi writes, “Abyssinian oil is an up and coming carrier oil in the beauty industry.  Comparisons are often made between it and Argan oil, particularly due to the Omega-6 and 9 fatty acid compositions of both oils.”

Very light yellow to clear in color and odorless; it has a very long shelf life for a carrier oil, per Robert Tisserand, and other sources, of up to two years or more.  It is a very shelf-stable oil, resistant to thermal degradation and oxidation.

Very moisturizing and softening for the skin.  For facial skincare, it is helpful for wrinkle prevention in mature skincare blends and forms a moisture barrier helpful for dry skin.  Provides excellent slip making it useful in massage therapy.  Very light, not greasy, and absorbs easily.

It conditions the hair and provides shine and luster and can be used as a detangler.

Unique because it is highest in Erucic Acid (cis-13-docosenoic acid), which is a long-chain monounsaturated fatty acid; followed by Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid.

Every bit as luxurious as Argan oil but less expensive and with a longer shelf life.  We look forward to experimenting with it and think it would be an excellent component in a lip salve or balm, or in any blend for dry or mature skin.

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1 oz, 4 oz, 16 oz bulk

Reviews (4)

  1. Jackie

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Jackie (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link | usUnited States

    I really like this oil. It softens skin like no other. I intend to use it in my hair too.

  2. Cheryl Kleinjan

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Cheryl Kleinjan (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link | usWashington, United States

    Have never used this oil before and have only begun to use it now but I love the way it feels on skin. Will be trying it for different blends and am expecting it may become a favorite as I love the way it makes skin feel.

  3. Jacqueline from Florida

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Jacqueline from Florida (verified owner)

    I heard of Abyssinian oil at the same time that Marge did, during the Safety Master Class. I had to order some when I found out that she had gotten some in. Let me tell you, this is a fantastic moisturizer! I have dry and peeling facial skin: only a couple of drops keep my skin moist for a whole day.
    My husband does a lot of tile work and always has dehydrated hands. He has only been happy with the thickest of creams until I got this oil. Now he has requested that I share some with him for his work truck. I am not hard to please at all but when my husband requests more of something I take notice for sure.

  4. Shannon from Utah

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Shannon from Utah (verified owner)

    I have maturing skin and I deal with chronic illnesses so I am always looking to find the right products to keep my skin as healthy as possible. When it’s in stock, I buy the Sandalwood Seed oil to use as a moisturizer on my face. In May 2018, Marge told me of this new oil, Abyssinian, and I decided to try it. It is truly as lovely as she said it would be. It smoothes on easily and absorbs well into my skin. I have used it for several weeks now and have decided that it and the Sandalwood Seed are my two mainstays for my face.

    It also works very nicely on my crusty elbows and knees.

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