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Because now that the holidays are over, many of us fall prey to the midwinter doldrums, or even SADD… Seasonal Affective Depression Disorder.

With this in mind, we offer our array of curated Citrus Oils… the citrus smilebringers. All retail sizes are at a 10% discount this month, to lighten your spirits. We also include our Citrus Smile synergy, a blend proven to ease depression, and our delightful Blood Orange Hydrosol.

New Products

A list of treasures in our new category, Nature’s Gift Private Reserve. What is our Private Reserve? The very best of the best, often oils that in the past we would have kept for ourselves. We are proud of all of our oils. But sometimes we come across a “star of stars.” Often these beauties are too expensive to buy for resale. In the past, we bought tiny amounts for our own enjoyment. In keeping with our goal of offering the best of each oil, we thought we should also make them available to you. Some were only available in a few ounces, from dedicated artisans. Others might be an extremely fine distillation from our normal producer. Others are very expensive specimens that we debated purchasing. They are not for everyone. But they may be for you..

Included in our new Private Reserve category, new to us this New Year

  • Alligator Juniper Wood from an artisan producer.
  • Angelica Root a stunning aged organic specimen from Germany. We had at first bought just a tiny bit for our emotional trauma blend, and then decided to make it available to you.
  • Arizona Corkbark Fir, very rare, there are only one or two producers of this treasure.
  • Black Spruce from Canada, an extraordinary batch from our usual supplier
  • Black Sacra, from Oman, our remaining stock, after inventory.
  • Douglas Fir, another fine artisan distilled oil, amazingly aromatic.
  • Bitter Orange, distilled, from a Egyptian distiller, delightfully complex anxiolytic.
  • Southwest White Pine Cone, Christi’s favorite new oil.
  • White Sacra (White/Silver) from Oman, simply must be experienced.
  • White Sage, grown in Southern California, artisan distilled in the Pacific North West.
  • White Fir, another artisan labor of love.

Other new produsts:
Rhatany Root CO2
Galangal CO2

Back in Stock

Juniper Berry, a new to us, organic production from our favorite Bulgarian distiller.

Cape Chamomile, after a long wait, organically produced in South Africa

New, and very different Himalayan Lavender, intensely floral.

Expanded Sampler

Our Frankincense Infusion Sampler now contains SIX different infused Frankincense oils, Sacra white/silver, Sacra Brown, Sacra Green and rare Sacra black, Serrata infused using Indian Frankincense, and a lovely Carterii infusion, using Boswellia carterii, from Somalia, the most traditional Frankincense resin.

New Blend

We have decided, based on requests, to make our Emotional Trauma blend available. You may have read about this originally in our blog.

Found in Inventory

We thought they were long gone: but have found limited (sometimes extremely limited!) supplies. The shorter lived products (all with more than a year’s life left to them) have been drastically reduced while supplies last.) But if you hesitate, they may be gone.

  • Christmas Bliss – lighthearted Fir codistillate. Great for respiratory and emotional support.
  • O Christmas Tree – Christi’s blend of wild evergreens to celebrate the season. We thought they were gone.
  • Frankincense Sacra Black (see our Private Reserve Collection, above.) We thought we had oversold during the Thanksgiving sales, and took it offline. When the dust settled, there were a few remaining bottles.

Blog Update

We haven’t had time to write much during the busy pre-holiday rush, but did post a couple of articles you may find interesting.

We listed our Thanksgiving Sale Best Sellers (and found some surprises!)

“Once more with feeling” – the perennial question – “Are your oils ingestible?”

And to start 2018 – a dose of gratitude, that we have the opportunity to make a difference.

Facebook Gleanings

The sort of thing we share with our Facebook followers (as well as the first notice of new arrivals, of course.)

Throat soothing popsicles – Ginger, Chamomile, Lemon, Honey.

Food as Medicine – GINGER The efficacy of ginger *as a food* is based on the content of gingerols… which are found in good proportion in the CO2 total that is extracted from naturally dried (not artificially dried) roots.. but not in the EO. (side note… if the ginger rhizomes are dried with heat, the resulting extract will be high in the phenolic shogals and burn… the high gingerol extractions are much more gentle)

Good winter advice from my friend Sue Pace.

A free download of last minute aromatic gift suggestions.

Should we be using the most potent antimicrobial EO’s with wee ones?

Perfumer & Flavorist writes of Agarwood.

(See what you miss by not following us on Facebook ?)

Our Clients Say

(Copied from a January newsletter more than a decade ago.)

Hints and tips for fighting colds and the flu (or at least keeping yourself more comfortable!)

For my nose when it got raw from blowing, I put on Heli 10%, waited a bit for it to soak in, and then Shea on top of that. After the second time, the pain went away and it didn’t hurt to blow anymore. Now tonight I’m going to try MuscleEase in the tub to see if it will help the soreness in my stomach and chest from coughing. They *feel* like muscle cramps but I’m not sure if that’s what they really are.

My comment: When I’ve had a bad cough, my diaphram ends up really hurting, and I’ve found MuscleEase helps ease the pain. Courtney isn’t fond of the smell of the MuscleEase massage oil, but swears by our MuscleEase Bath Salts for aches, pains, and congestion. (the high amount of Eucalyptus in it probably helps with the decongestant effect.) (We no longer produce bath salts… just dissolve some MuscleEase synergy in some Polysorbate, or even liquid soap, blend into Epsom, Dead Sea, or Himalayan salts, and add to a warm tub.)

Years ago June Curtis wrote the following:

My order arrived on Wednesday and got put to immediate use since we both have colds. I quickly concocted your “Hints and Tips” blend of Ravensara, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf and Lemon Myrtle for the diffuser. Relief was swift and the room smelled wonderful! This is a definite “keeper” to stave off the New Mexico bacteria and viruses that are new to our immune systems. Thank you too for the sample of Clove. I hesitated to order that without testing lest my blends turned out to smell like Easter Ham! My fears were groundless since it’s a pleasant oil, much softer fragrance than expected, but a little goes a long way.

A month or so ago, Kristi Kusek wrote

I just wanted to drop you a little note to tell you how much I love your Manuka oil! I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and noticed it was recommended for use with CFS – so I gave it a try well over a year ago. It has become a staple oil for me that I use in almost any blend in some quantity. I definitely feel that the use of essential oils, especially Manuka, has helped to keep me from getting those nasty recurrent viruses that I had suffered from for years prior to this. In fact, my poor husband has the flu right now and I am diffusing a blend of ravensara, manuka, cinnamon bark, clove, and lemon myrtle to help him get better faster and to keep me well! I feel confident that it is helping to clear the air of those nasty germs.

Old Time Sore Throat Remedy (not aromatherapy, but sounds helpful so we’re passing it along

Sore Throat? Just mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with 1/4 cup of honey and take 1 tablespoon six times a day. The vinegar kills the bacteria.

Six years ago, Dorothy Murphy shared this formula on an aromatherapy discussion list

2 drops Ravensara
1 drop Euc. Radiata
1 drop Palmarosa
1 drop Myrtle

dilute in 10 mls of Carrier oil, preferably a combination of ones high in Vitamin C like Rosehip Seed. Put on chest and throat and lymph node areas under the ear/jawline and on the lung reflex area of the feet.

Another flu/cold bath formula from a client who asked not to be named

Colds and Flu ENERGIZER
10 drops Ravensara
10 drops Eucalyptus
4 drops Peppermint
8 drops Rosemary

Blend together, add one quarter (8 drops) to a warm bath. This would be a stimulating blend for when you can’t afford to just go to bed. The peppermint and Rosemary will help you get moving again.

And with those notes, we come to the end of this newsletter, marking the beginning of a New Year. Please, all of you on the East Coast stay safe and warm during the coming storm, and may all of you reading this have a New Year blessed with peace, joy, love, and an abundance of all good things.

Thank you for letting us continue to do what we do.

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