Christmas Bliss


Noble firs and Fraser Firs, co-distilled after serving as Christmas trees. The 2020 Distillation


Product Information

A second Christmas celebration for these kings of the forest.

Abies procera, the Noble Fir (sometimes called Red Fir or, oddly enough, Christmas Fir is a stately short-needled Fir that grows in the Pacific North west, seldom reaching down to the Rockies. Fraser fir (Abies fraseri) grows only in the Appalachian mountains we’re told. But somehow both these trees made it to the northern Rockies as Christmas trees, and were distilled after last Christmas to bring joy to our hearts.

We had not planned on ordering this, but we were sent a sample, and we broke out into smiles when we sampled it. Because this oil is from commercially grown trees, not wild grown, and because it is already almost a year old, we do not recommend it for topical use at all. Like all the other conifers it should have wonderful respiratory effects, whether diffused or in an inhaler.

It’s BEST use, however, is to bring the holiday spirit to your home, your car, your surroundings. One of our little AromaTabs would let it scent an artificial tree. Any diffuser or aroma lamp. will allow you to fill your house with its joyful aroma. ENJOY. It is truly a just for fun offering that invites you to come and play!







5 ml, 15 ml, 2 oz bulk, 4 oz bulk, 8 oz bulk, 16 oz bulk


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