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First – our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends and clients along the Gulf Coast, in Texas and Louisiana. As I write this newsletter I am following the news coverage on TV and just appalled at the devastation. We hope if you were in the storm’s path, the damage done was light and easily repaired. Some of you remember the United Aromatherapy Effort that coordinated aromatic and massage therapy for the first responders after 9/11, and after Katrina, and to troops on the ground in Afghanistan. We are also providing help to Houston. Here is how you can participate.

This is a long newsletter. Pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back relax and enjoy!

This newsletter contains:

Labor Day Sale:

Storm or no storm, Labor Day weekend is approaching – our traditional “end of summer” celebration. During the three day Labor Day weekend, starting Saturday morning, September 2nd, and ending Monday, September 4th, at 11:59 pm central time, we will be having a weekend sale. Literally!

At checkout enter the promotional code “weekend” (without the quotation marks), press apply, and you will see a discount of from 10 to 15% reflected on your screen. Save on retail sized essential oils, blends, skincare products, hydrosols, carriers, and jewelry; perhaps do some early Christmas shopping! The discount’s value will change at random throughout the weekend.

Discount does not apply to our normally ‘undiscountable’ items… no bulk oils, no books or kits…the items clearly marked “discounts may not apply,” but that leaves you hundreds of items to save on! If you do not see the discount reflected, PLEASE don’t submit your order; we will not be able to apply the discount retroactively. This sale applies *only* to orders placed and paid for via our shopping cart. Only one discount code may be used per order.

New Treasures:

A softer, less in your face Coffee CO2. Beans organically grown in Italy, extracted in Germany.

For those who loved our Frankincense infusions, we have two new treasures to offer you. Frankincense GREEN Sacra infusion, and Frankincense BROWN Sacra infusion. Read the descriptions and choose which is right for you.


As Summer winds down we start looking for the new crops.  Lots of back in stocks, or new productions of old favorites. In no particular order, we have decanted new stocks of resinous Cistus, our long delayed fresh distillation of Australian Tea Tree oil. More lemony scented Litsea Cubeba (also called May Chang,) We have restocked some of our organic cold pressed Citrus Oils, Lemon, and Bergamot, as well as more of our Spanish Spike Lavender. From the Comoros comes Vanilla CO2. I am told that there are NO organically grown Vanilla beans currently available from Madagascar. A severe storm wiped out the majority of the organic plants, and the government has been doing so much spraying that, I am told, even the so called organic beans have been tainted due to wind currents carrying the spray to neighboring fields. We have been able to source a conventionally farmed Vanilla CO2 (at a greater cost than our last batch of organic!) and are watching the prices continue to spiral upwards. Our producer is using beans grown in Comoros, because he feels they are cleaner. A precious commodity, use it sparingly and with respect. 

From Bulgaria, we welcomed a new shipment of Rose Otto, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, more Linden Blossom CO2, Lavender CO2, and, of course, our classic organic Bulgarian Lavender essential oil.

Freshly distilled hydrosols include Cistus, Holy Basil (Tulsi), our more floral USA organic Lavender hydrosol, USA grown organic Rose Geranium hydrosol, and our wildcrafted organically produced Witch Hazel (this was really delayed this year!)  Please note, we are offering our hydrosols in a more cost effective 16 fl oz bulk/refill size if we have ample qualities. 

For your complexion, two of our favorite carrier oils, more Moroccan Argan Oil, and White Camellia Oil, the secret of the Geishas.

Press Release:

From American Botanical Council: Nature’s Gift Supports ABC Adopt-an-Herb Program through Helichrysum Adoption

Blog Updates:

(I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I wrote a “real” newsletter until I checked the blog updates! Sorry folks, it has been a busy summer.)

Facebook Flashes:

Our Clients Say:

Itching/Miracle Blend:

Mary Ward wrote: “I wanted to write about Marge’s Little Miracle (Marge’s Miracle Blend.) It’s wonderful stuff! I have been plagued with itching from a shingles attack several years ago. This stuff makes the itching stop right away. Of course, I do have to reapply, but the symptoms go away virtually at once. I can’t really describe the scent of this salve. To be honest, I did not expect to like the smell since I thought I was not overly fond of some of its component parts. But the aroma always gets my attention, and I always feel a surge of some emotion that I can’t quite identify. This salve is a true pain reliever, and I believe it even has some slight impact on emotional pain as well as relief of physical symptoms. Thanks for making this healing balm. I am sure I will be buying another bottle when this one is gone. ” Thinking, Helichrysum is known for healing emotional scars and bruises, as well as the physical ones. We seldom think to use it for that, it is such an amazing physical healer.

Rosa Damascena CO2

Mary later wrote, about the above named Rose,

“Wow! I have a rose in my yard that smells very much like this. It’s called Maggie, from the Texas Rose Imporium. Maggie is sweetly scented, heady and very slightly spicy and has deep carmine red flowers. Our other rose, known as Mary Rose, is much more demure and subdued, with a lovely, soft, very subtle, slightly green scent, and she has soft pink flowers. Both are antique roses. Thank you for capturing the more flamboyant of my roses. This CO2 smells a lot like the flower on the bush. I don’t think I could wear this without grounding it in something deep, but it sure won’t need any fruity top notes to sweeten it up! This is pure rose joy at an unbelievable price.” (That last sentence just delighted my heart! I should add it to the product description!)

Shingles Success:

Suzanne Ledoux writes, “In other news, I have a female client who has been dealing with shingles for well over a year. She experiences it as severe muscle tension and pain shooting down her neck, shoulder, and arm. Since her initial outbreak, typically lesions are no longer present. Massage has been the only modality that has helped relieve her tension/pain. She will go through periods of having to take Tylenol daily to make it through her work day. Anti-viral meds as well as the Shingles vaccination were of no help to her. I followed your recommendations on your website for blending Tamanu with a 25% dilution of Ravensara a few weeks ago after this client was struggling with a particularly painful bout. At that point, she was willing to try anything if it would help ease her pain. I am happy to report that your blend worked great! She applied the blend 2 to 3 times per day directly to the trouble areas. Mild pain relief was noted directly after application and within a few days severity of the pain began to generally decrease. Also noted was that a large lesion has begin to push through her skin just below her collar bone. It seems the blend interrupted the development of the lesion and the skin healed. She used completely one 10ml roller bottle in approximately 8 days and requested a refill. She used only 5ml of the second 10ml roller bottle before she felt she no longer needed it. Her only complaint was the thickness of the blend and concerns of getting it on her clothing. Typically a skeptical person of alternative treatments, she was overall impressed with the results. So thank you thank you for your fabulous website and wealth of knowledge you share with your customers!”


Carrie Wenninger writes, “Burned myself good this morning and immediately thought of my bottle of Helichrysum italicum 10% in Jojoba from Nature’s Gift. Wanted to share this in hopes that you can add to the Heli Healing Page so it might help someone else!:)

This morning I boiled the kettle almost dry and grabbed it, too fast, off the stove as the smoke alarm was going off. It swung into my inner forearm and left a burn that was hot and red all around with a 4″ long white center strip where the metal really connected. I was pretty sure that was going to blister and fill with fluid immediately, but I slathered on some aloe vera, took a dose of homeopathic cantharis, and then applied my Helichrysum italicum oil 10% in jojoba. It stopped hurting pretty quickly (the pain lessened dramatically within a few minutes and then stopped hurting altogether in a little more than an hour). Now, 7 hours on, the white part of the burn has turned red and practically healed, while the red surrounding area (lesser part of the burn) is completely gone. It’s all dry and mending where I expected it was going to get gooshy and either fill with fluid or the skin would just disintegrate and require gauze. Pretty AMAZING and very glad I thought to do that!! Thank you, Marge and Nature’s Gift!!


Carrie Wenninger

Summer/Winter Skincare:

Jenni Valencia wrote, “I love how user friendly this site is! I also love the variety and the detailed descriptions of the products and essential oils! Nature’s Gift is by far my favorite essential oil company! I am a huge fan of Cleopatra’s Secret Skincare line. It is very nourishing and makes my skin feel and look younger. However, I was wanting a little less moisture during the humid months in Florida. I purchased the Harmony Balancing Travel Set and it is exactly what I needed! My skin feels nourished without the shine. I am using the Harmony Cleanser and Lotion along with Cleopatra’ s Secret Toner during the Summer months and will return to Cleopatra’ s full line in late Fall. I love that Nature’s Gift offers sample and travel sizes so that I don’t have to commit to a product that just doesn’t work for me. I really can’t say enough nice things about Marge and Nature’s Gift. I am a customer for life!

(We just love feedback like all this!)

Neroli as Perfume:

Tiffany Di Emidio shared this blend, “I have used Neroli essential oil for years, but suddenly became hooked on it just last month. I made an amazing roller bottle of personal scent (perfume) for myself with it. I used Neroli, added a bit of Rhododendron essential oil, a bit of Frankincense carteri, & only a half of a drop of Davana essential oil, & the blend is unbelievable. Just heavenly.

(To get a half drop of Davana, I added a drop to my roller bottle & used a pipette to add 19 drops jojoba oil. I mixed it, then sucked it all up with the pipette & squeezed 10 drops back in, which contained a half drop of the Davana.)”

Labor Day Quote:

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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