Frankincense Brown Sacra Infused Oil


Boswellia sacra, “Brown Sacra Resin” wild-harvested in Oman, infused in Fractionated Coconut Oil by an artisan craftsman in the USA.


Product Information

A new and different Frankincense Sacra infusion from my friendly artisan distiller.

Jim talks of the complexity of this specimen and says that with its layers of aroma, it is more earthy and complex compared to other infusions. We agree that it has more masculine energy than the others. Aromatically, it is deeper and darker than our other Sacra infusions. From a perfumery standpoint it would perhaps be a base note, or at the very least, a low heart note. This is the one that Jim is taking home.

Our beloved “nose” (who I should hire just to write product descriptions) says, “The brown Frankincense sacra infusion is a little deeper than the other three and a little more woodsy, sweet and spicy. Almost mysterious. It seems to have a very night-time-like energy to it. As if this resin captured the sunlight most at sunset.” He went on to write, “Sweet, citrusy, floral, almost like a cup of spiced Orange tea with a touch of honey. Very uplifting for me energetically. As it unfolds on the skin it tends to stay lighter than the other infusions. Not so much woodsy as deeply resinous and citrus. I’m particularly drawn to this infusion in the mornings because of its energizing quality. I’m not a morning person, but this infusion brings about a calming, yet focusing feeling. Something that could really get your mind on track for the day.”

One friend is talking about blending with some Argan oil for a beard oil. Oh my goodness!

Like our other Frankincense infusions, this Sacra Brown contains not only the essential oil but also the boswellic acid and incensole acetate not found in the distilled essential oil.

Please note:  This product is infused from natural tree resin, so some settling may occur.  Gently shake or roll to mix it in, or you can warm it gently by placing the very bottom of the bottle in a warm water bath to help with incorporating the sediment.  Remember, infusions are high in carrier oil content, so they should not be used in a diffuser; it could cause damage to the diffuser.







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