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November is Frankincense Month!

Two rare oils from Somalia, Boswellia rivae, and Boswellia frereana, long awaited Frankincense Sacra from Oman, and rare,seldom distilled Black Sacra, from Oman. Try them separately or experience all nine of our Frankincense oils and CO2s in our expanded Frankincense Sampler. To complete your Frankincense experience, we have put our four artisan infused Frankincense oils in a new sampler, five mls each of Frankincense Serrata, and Sacra White, Green and Brown, artfully infused. The ultimate body oil for the Frankincense lover.

For November, we have put retail sizes of all of our Frankincense oils and infusions on sale, as well as both our two new Frankincense samplers, and even our Frankincense Hydrosol. Buy now for skincare, for meditation, for respiratory support, and make sure to put several aside for holiday gifts..

New Oils

Frankincense (Sacra Black) A stunning new oil harvested from an ancient grove my distiller called “the old lady trees” which capture the rain and the fog on the slopes of the Mountains of the Moon, in Dhofar, during the wet season. It is only then that this wet, sticky resin may be harvested.

Frankincense frereana, artisan distilled in Somalia. Christi’s new love. She recommends it in pain relief blends and for skin care.

Frankincense rivae, again, from a family distillery in Somalia. To my nose this is the most citrusy of our Frankincense oils, Christi finds it our most complex, aromatically. We specifically recommend this rarity as an anti-fungal.

Baobab Oil – new fixed oil superb for use with dry skin and hair, recommended in blends for mature skin. Quickly absorbed and protective of dry, parched skin.

Read the full descriptions of each of these to see what makes each different, and special.

Back in Stock

As I write my first draft of this page, poor Jim is feeling totally overwhelmed. We have had perhaps 85 kilos of new oils arrive on one day this week, and it’s his responsibility to do the initial evaluation and to weigh in all the new goodies. (We sell by volume, mls; we order by Kilos.) Each product must have a kilo weighed out, and carefully measured so we will know how many mls that canister contains, before we can cost it out. This is when he takes the product photographs that grace our product descriptions. We have a tremendously long list of new arrivals, all listed on our front page.

Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday:

Of course there will be a sale. We haven’t decided just what shape it will take yet, so please watch for our next newsletter and Facebook page for details on savings.


Before using any of these suggested blends, please remember to properly dilute or emulsify. If adding to a bath, blend into a spoonful of liquid soap, or polysorbate to properly disperse in the water. If you choose to make a room, linen or body spray, dilute the essential oils in either the same amount, or, preferably two to three times as much polysorbate, Solubol, or pure grain alcohol; then add distilled water. The sprays will not have a preservative and should be used up within a couple of weeks. If in doubt about proper dilution, we have a dilution chart here.

All of these are saved from years ago, and simply call for “Frankincense.” Use your favorite. Please don’t ask me which, I’ll say “use what you have.”

Physical Remedies:


Ruth Gilbert wrote, “I have been using a combo of equal parts Inula, Ravensara and Frankincense in the diffuser for long term, allergic congestion–(with additional aggravation from viruses) both nasal and chest, with spectacular results.

Migraine Relief Inhaler:

from Olivia, who shared it for a family member’s migraines.

My not so super secret migraine remedy is an inhaler, 3 drops palo santo, 3 drops frankincense, 3 drops spike lavender, 1 drop ginger CO2, 1 drops peppermint. Use inhaler at the first hint that a migraine is coming.

Frankincense Hydrosol for mouth sores: (from Ann Ovodow)

I had meant to write to you earlier this year about the Frankincense hydrosol. Your description of it quoted a source that said it was good for mouth sores.

On the day I received my first order, I happened to have a mouth sore—a bright red sore with a white spot in the middle. I sprayed some on, and the pain stopped within seconds! When the pain recurred, spraying on more produced the same quick cessation of pain. The hydrosol has a mildly bitter taste—about as mild as coffee or tea—and does not sting when applied. The white spot disappeared overnight, and the rest of the sore healed in about five days.

Later, I ordered a bottle for my sister-in-law, Virginia, who suffered from terrible mouth sores as a side effect of opiate drugs: OxyContin, then Fentanyl, for pain due to multiple sclerosis. To my surprise, she reported the same effect: Pain stopped within seconds, and the hydrosol did not sting when applied.

(Before that, I had been using Anbesol which, for me at least, has three drawbacks: (1) it produces a mild, brief, but unwanted high; (2) it stings severely when applied [Virginia refuses to use it because it stings so much]; and (3) it does nothing to promote healing.)

Respiratory blends: (from a 2004 newsletter)

Frankincense is the first oil I reach for when coughs or congestion come down in my chest. I like to blend it with Black Spruce, Eucalyptus globulous or smithii, Atlas Cedarwood and a bit of Hyssop.

Perhaps two drops of Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Black Spruce, and one drop of the Cedarwood and Hyssop, either in the lamp, or added to a carrier oil and rubbed into the throat and chest. (November 2004)

Emotional / Spiritual Blends:

Relaxation: For diffuser or bath.
5 drops Frankincense
6 drops Sweet Orange
3 drops Marjoram

Open your Heart
5 drops Bergamot
2 drops Jasmine
4 drops Frankincense


Years ago, Serena wrote, “I have discovered an unusual remedy I’d like to share: I have been plagued all my life my horrible nitemares. I am now 44 and still have them. I had on my bed table my two favorites, frankincense and sandalwood, they are truly sacred friends.For some reason I put some drops of each on the bottom of my feet as an annointing gesture, just before I went to bed, and no nitemares that night….strange. The next nite I did the same….again no nitemares. Now I am very suspicious…what could have stopped them? Third nite, I applied them again, ritualistically, and again….no nitemares…..suspicions confirmed. They stopped, but how, why? (I did not connect the oils with them). Finally, after going through all the motions of the three days, what have I done differently…..could it be? I looked up the oils in a book, and discovered that sandalwood and frankincense combined can stop nitemares caused by trauma from past lives! Heeelllooooo!!! So there it was, the esoteric affect of oils on even past life grievences! Are they not woman’s best friend? This is true, and I hope it adds to your remedies.

Serena. (Note, I would not apply to the soles of the feet, that is truly not the best way to gain the results… I would consider an AromaStone beside my bed, or a linenspray, or an inhaler. But that’s me.)

Meditation for Inner Peace (Yoga Blend):

Close to twenty years ago Dianna Pierce of shared this lovely blend:
Frankincense 6 drops
Sandalwood 10 drops
Neroli 2 drops
blend into 1/2 oz of Sweet Almond oil
place drop on wrist, back of hands, between your eye brows (3rd eye, center of forehead) and 2 drops on back of neck. rub into skin gently, begin deep breathing.

Winter Solstice Diffuser Blend:

Black Spruce 5
Atlas Cedarwood 3
Sweet Orange 5
Frankincense 6
Myrrh 4
Also, I burn Frankincense resin and throw fresh holly and cedar chips on the fire.
—-Merry Yule!

Happiness Blend:

From John Kerr, Aromatherapy Today, over 15 years ago:
Sweet Orange 3 drops
Spearmint 4 drop
Jasmine Grand 2 drops
Frankincense 4 drops
add to bath, or to 50 ml water for spray… or in aromalamp or diffuser.


From Gabriel Mojay, in 2001
Grief that partly expresses itself as a need to nurture others, but in so doing, forgetting one’s own needs:
Sweet Orange (4)
Marjoram (3)
Frankincense (3)


Dry Skin Secret:

Jane Eliza shared her secret formula for dry skin for hands, face, wherever:

“The base is half and half rosehip and evening primrose. I’ve also tried avocado instead of the evening primrose and that makes a beautifully nourishing base, too.

To that I add 5% carrot seed… Then 1% Rose Otto (again, I’ve been tempted to use more, but it’s really really not needed)… My current mix also has 2.5% each of myrhh and frankincense…. I drop that down a bit if it’s not for myself – I’m also a bit of a resin freak.”

That’s a bit heavy on the essential oils for my taste. For two ounces of the carrier oil blend, I’d use perhaps 15 drops of Carrot Seed, one or two drops of Rose Otto, and about five drops of Frankincense. If I added the Myrrh, I’d probably keep it down to a drop or two. (In fact, I’m off to try blending some of this for myself; not sure why I had never tried it before!) (And, years later, there’s another precursor for our Cleopatra’s Secret!)

Cracked Skin:

More news re. successful uses of oils!

Every springtime I am plagued with cracked/split NOSTRILS (at the top of the nostril).
This Spring I have been using the Shea souffle mixed with corn starch and Myrrh and Frankincense and Sea Buckthorn berry (CO2).
OMIGOD, I can’t believe how effective it is!
The thicker Shea and the oils are definitely doing the trick. It’s simply great.
(I also have the softest hands ever! And no cracks of the fingertips – tho the test of that will be the next 2 months!)

I HIGHLY recommend this for skin splits.

Best to you,

Mature Skin Serum:

Hello Marge: I have been experimenting with my last order…..I have made a MARVELOUS little concoction: My 1 oz. Apricot Kernel of course as my Base……..added 2 drops each of: Borage, CO2 Frankincense, Heli 10% dilution in fractioned coconut oil and 2 drops Rose Hip Seed Oil…… This has been the most wonderful serum! “plumping”….smoothing/soothing pizazz! (This from Jean Flinchum, who has been a friend/client for as long as I can remember, and loves to share her successes.)

Lush body Blend (from Stacey Miller)

I just ran into a 100ml bottle of Australian Macadamia oil that I’d like to use as an after-shower body oil. Here’s what I’ve put in it:

10 drops Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum grandiflorum)
10 drops Ylang Ylang Extra (Cananga odorata)
8 drops Frankincense (Boswellia frereana)
6 drops Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena)
6 drops Sandalwood CO2 (Santalum album)

Great scent for winter if I do say so!

Face Masks:

Moisturising Mask:

2 drops each Frankincense, Rose, and Neroli oils in 30ml (1fl oz/ 6 tsp) Apricot oil with 1 tsp clear, melted honey, mixed with enough finely ground almond to make a soft paste. Spread on face, relax for 15 minutes, rinse off with room temperature water.

Rejuvenating Face Masque:

  • 1 tablespoon bentonite clay (or rose clay, or whatever facial clay you have)
  • 3 drops Sea Buckthorn CO2 Select
  • 10 drops or 1/2 teaspoon Vegetable Glycerin
  • 2 tablespoons Neroli Hydrosol
  • 1 drop Neroli essential oil
  • 1 drop Frankincense essential oil

Blend all ingredients well, adding more hydrosol if necessary to make a smooth, spreadable mixture. Tie your hair back out of the way. Apply to neck and face. Lie down and enjoy the wonderful aroma for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse well with tepid water, moisturize with your favorite carrier.

Honey Skin Soother:

A soothing remedy for winter-weary skin (sent by a friend who forgets where she got this, so I can’t credit the source)

Mix 1 drop of Frankincense essential oil with 2 tablespoons of whole milk (or half and half.) Blend in 2 tablespoons honey. Smooth over face and throat. Leave on 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. (I love the way honey makes my skin feel!) Debbie says she wants to add a drop of Rose Oil to that mixture, and pour it into a warm bath for her “winter weary body.” I think that sounds like a winner! (March 2002)


Jet-Lag Bath: 3 d. rosemary oil * 2 d. lemon oil * 2 d. frankincense oil.

Relaxing Bath: 2 d. bergamot oil FCF * 4 d. patchouli oil * 6 d. frankincense oil.

Reviving Bath: 2 d. orange oil * 2 d. frankincense oil * 2 d. geranium oil.

Sensuous Bath: 3 d. cedarwood oil * 2 d. frankincense oil * 2 d. distilled lime oil. (Stress-relieving as well as sensuous.)

Blend into a spoonful of liquid soap and add to a warm bath. (Came across this years ago, before I learned to save sources. My apologies!)

Fragrance Blends – just for fun

Dragon’s Blood scent blend

From Cat, a magical perfumer, again, close to 20 years ago:

2 parts (drops, mls etc.) sandalwood
1 part frankincense
1 part myrrh e.o.
1 part rose (absolute, I think)
1 part patchouli

Walk in the Woods:

2 parts frankincense
1 part sandalwood
1 part cypress
1 part juniper
1 part pine

A Frankincense Blend for Him…

Another blend for the aromalamp, diffuser, or, well-diluted, for massage…deep, mysterious, and masculine:

  • 4 parts Frankincense
  • 4 parts Myrrh
  • 2 part Sandalwood
  • 1 part Vanilla CO2

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Seasonal Quotes:

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
Albert Camus, French Philosopher

In November, the smell of food is different. It is an orange smell. A squash and pumpkin smell. It tastes like cinnamon and can fill up a house in the morning, can pull everyone from bed in a fog. Food is better in November than any other time of the year.
Cynthia Rylant, In November

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