First, a huge thank you to all of you who took the time to complete our long questionnaire. The marketing firm was stunned at the number of responses, and the love and loyalty you showed. They have never seen a response like that. “Marge, your clients REALLY love Nature’s Gift.” (We love you back, but it was wonderful to see it in black and white.) Thank you all!

In honor of Mother’s Day and “May Flowers,” we are putting our favorite floral oils and absolutes on sale. Roses, Jasmines, Lavenders, Neroli (and our blended Mediterranean Neroli ), our remaining stock of Tuberose 10% and Ylangylang, both Extra and Complete —all are 10% off. No discount code necessary, prices shown already reflect the sale price. For the perfect Mother’s Day Gift, buy her our Bouquet of Roses, or a Bouquet of Jasmine, also at 10% off.

A callout to all of our nurse-clients during National Nurses Week. Thank you for all you do.

This newsletter contains:

Back in Stock
(Sometimes after a long wait!)

New Products

Vetiver Madagascar: To replace the Indonesian Vetiver which disappeared all too fast, we have a stunning specimen from a new supplier in Madagascar.

Turkish Rose Otto: It has been a long time since I’ve had a supplier I could trust for Turkish Rose Oil. This specimen is lovely, a bit lighter and sunnier than our Bulgarian oil.

Last Chance

Some of our products don’t ship well in Summer’s heat. Although we know some of our friends still have snow on the ground, we are seeing temperatures in the 80s. For this reason, when the current batches of Baby Bottom Balm, Shea Cream, and Melissa-Calendula Lip Balm are gone, we will not produce them again until mid-September, depending on the weather. So, if these are products you love, order now and stock up before they go on “vacation.”


Even though the early bird date has passed, if you tell Inga “Marge sent me” you will still get the early bird rate. FIRST time offered in the US! Madeleine Kerkhof teaches CO2 Extracts in Clinical Aromatherapy. July 5–7. I can hardly wait!

Our Clients Say

Sunburn Soother:

Monique wrote: “I wanted to share with you how your recommended products have helped heal the large burn from boiling water on the front of my left thigh. The morning of March 17, I spilled boiling water on the front of my left thigh resulting in 2nd degree burns. My first aid was ice water (WRONG, I read it should be cool water) and honey. I had nothing else at home. Then I went to urgent care and after cleaning the area it was covered with Bacitracin and wrapped. I used the Bacitracin for two days but then realized as long as the blisters don’t burst, there’s little chance of infection and I don’t like using an antibiotic if I don’t need it. I switched to the Sunburn Soother and it has kept the area comfortable and hydrated (no drying out).

“One blister burst and I put the Bacitracin on first then the Sunburn Soother. Three weeks out and with perfect timing since I had almost used up the 1 oz. of SS, I was able to switch to the Helichrysum in Rose Hip Oil. The new skin is still darker than surrounding undamaged skin but to the touch, there is no difference. I continue to rub the Heli blend in twice a day and the darker pigment is slowly going away.

“I started out with what looked liked a 3D map that had islands and channels. Today, it’s just like a shadow has fallen on my thigh and the islands are shrinking. A friend of mine burned her arm a few weeks ago and just found out so it is too late for the Sunburn Soother but I’ve shared some Heli blend with her. She has just asked me to get some more for her so she can return my bottle.

“I’m loving the Avice Hill Lavender. I use it in my diffuser before bed and it’s the best way to fall asleep.”

Thank you, Monique. the burn sounds terrible, and I am so glad we were able to help!

Heroli Hydrosol

Lynnette Crouse, developer of the AromaSenseApp, wrote, “I have two very excitable Jack Russell Terriers who love to bark at everything and everybody when they ride in the car. A couple of days ago, they were with us in a drive-through—a prime barking opportunity. As we approached the drive-through, the excitability was in full swing. I grabbed the Nature’s Gift Neroli hydrosol and sprayed it into the air in front of each pup. The change was immediately perceptible—both dogs calmed, sat completely still, and just watched the interaction, instead of the typical ‘bark our heads off and make you think I want to kill you’ response.

Thank you, Nature’s Gift for giving us a product that brings the down the anxiety levels of our puppers and makes car rides much more enjoyable.”

“Cranky Blend”

Kathryn wrote, “Just had to share an experience at work…helping the other nurses with their ‘issues’, as my daughter would say. You would be shocked at how many nurses have skin disorders, though how often we work sick, considering what we are exposed to, wouldn’t shock anyone. Gee, I rarely get sick. But then I use essential oils every day…

I decided to try the blend a mom came up with for her daughter, which you posted on your site years ago and later named ‘Cranky’, thinking it might be a good Christmas gift for my daughter and the other younger women in my family. So, I made some up, diluted it a bit and took it to work. That night, a therapist sat where I had been charting and commented on how good the area smelled, asking what the fragrance was. I mentioned that I was trying out a new blend for possible gifts and some of the other nurses asked about it. I let everyone who wanted to put some on in order to smell it and get other opinions. Every single woman loved it, but one nurse took a deep breath and said ‘Wow, I can actually feel it!’ as I literally watched the tension leave her body. The thing is, this is one of the most aggressive and argumentative people I have ever known. I have never seen her relaxed. She has a clinically diagnosed PMS Syndrome, and this blend visibly fills a need in her. I have massage and bath concentrations all made up for her to use, which she will get next shift we work together. Will it help with the pain and other physical symptoms, since it obviously helps with the emotional symptoms? Only time will tell and hopefully she will tell me.

(It delights all of us to share this story during National Nurses Week)

The Crankiness blend, from years past, is

PMS Blend–to tame “the crankies”

5 drops Clary Sage
2 drops Jasmine Sambac Absolute
4 drops Geranium
8 drops Lavender (I would choose Lavender Mailette)
2 drops Fennel
3 drops Vanilla CO2
2 drops Violet Leaf Absolute
6 drops Ylangylang Extra

Blend into one ounce of carrier oil; rub onto abdomen (or wear as perfume!)


Email from Cynthia as I was writing this newsletter: “Hi Marge, I just opened up my package, and I’m in LOVE with the Vetiver from Madagascar. Could you please set aside a 2oz size for me? I am planning to place another order after I experiment with all of my goodies and I am afraid it will sell out.

Simply amazing! Thank you for finding this one!,


And I was delighted to tell her that we bought LOTS…no danger of running out.

Blends and Formulas
Rosy Ideas

Solid Perfume

1/4 oz. Jojoba
1/8 oz. Beeswax Beads
8 to 10 drops Rose Absolute
8 to 10 drops Neroli
4 or 5 drops of either Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Benzoin to &dquo;fix” the scent
HINT… FIRST blend the EOs and absolutes so that you will have a blend you
fall in love with…THEN add this blend to the melted waxes.

Melt Beeswax beads and Jojoba til liquefied and blended. Let cool until they JUST start to thicken…blend in Essential oils and Absolutes.

(You do know that both Jojoba Oil and Beeswax beads are available in small quantities on our Carrier oils page, don’t you?)

Baby Powder

NOT for use on your baby, but a blend of equal parts Rose Absolute 10% and Vanilla CO2 10% is remarkably close to the scent of commercial baby powder–if you want to duplicate that scent. Neither oil is safe for infants, so please don’t think about scenting baby products this way.

Oriental Rose Blend

One part Sweet Patchouli 10%
Two parts Rose Absolute 10%

and to celebrate the return of our Jasmine Absolutes, some Jasmine blends:

Happiness Blend

from John Kerr, former editor of Aromatherapy Today

3 drops Sweet Orange
4 drops Spearmint
2 drops Jasmine grandiflora
4 drops Frankincense carterii

Add to liquid soap to add to bath, or to 50 ml water for spray… or in a diffuser

Diffuser blend, from Wendy Robbins of Aromaweb

1 drop of Jasmine Sambac
6 drops Sweet Orange or Blood Orange
3 drops Patchouli

This would make a wonderful solid perfume, as well.

Perfume to Calm Anxiety

6 drops Neroli
20 drops Bergamot FCF
2 drops Rose Otto
1 drop Linden Blossom CO2
4 drops Jasmine Grandiflora Absolute
2 drops Ylang Ylang

Add to two ounces of carrier, or add a few drops to a diffuser.

Bed Time Bath Blend for Anxiety and Depression

4 drops Lavender
2 drops Jasmine Sambac
2 drops Ylangylang Complete

Blend into a tablespoon of liquid soap or cream, add to warm bath.

And for your Inner Child

Another client, who asked to remain anonymous, shared her favorite “child’s play” synergy. Since two out of the three oils are on sale this month, this is definitely the time to try it.

Child’s Play

3 Mandarine Red
4 Ylang- Ylang Complete
3 Lavender Mailette

Aromatic Quote of the Month

What better for the passing of the April Showers than this quote from Solomon’s Song

For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;
The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;
The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.

Enjoy a lovely, flowerfilled Month of May, everyone!

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