Welcome June, and the beginning of summer, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

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  • New Products

    New Ultrasonic Diffusers: The Infiniti, beloved of Michelle’s children, with its revolving colors. Make an artistic as well as aromatic statement with the stunning Obsidian. Each comes with a years trouble free warranty from the manufacturer.

    New—Our most aromatic skin and hair care oil yet, true gardenia-infused Monoi de Tahiti.

    New essential oils: Xanthoxylum and Italian Roman Chamomile. (Yes, our tongues trip over it too… Xan-Tho-Zie-Lum.)


    A few bottles of our Linden Blossom CO2, 10% Dilution. (They were set aside for an order that was cancelled, I should have known better than to reserve them.) Also found… some 5 ml bottles of our new Javanese Turmeric CO2 Extract. Poured by accident. When they are gone they will be gone.

    June Savings

    School is out, summer is coming… this month all of our vacation savers: SkeeterBeater, After the Bite (for when you forgot the Skeeter Beater), Sunburn Soother, MuscleEase, That’s Better!, and SineEase for allergies. Cooling Hydrosols — our few remaining bottles of Peppermint and Cucumber hydrosols, lemony Melissa Hydrosol, and a fresh crop of Frankincense Hydrosol, all at 10% discounts.

    These, with some Trauma Oil and perhaps some Aloe Vera Gel (also on sale) make a good start at a vacation first aid kit.


    Just for him, we are putting our two Sandalwood Samplers ( Pure or Ready-to-Wear ) and our Decadence Kit on special sale this month. And, after waiting for it to blend and mellow we are re-introducing The Tree of Life, our Wood elemental synergy. With its blend of Cedarwood and Sandalwood, lightened with a bit of Rosalina and Sweet Orange, this has been a favorite of our male clients for years.


    Free DOMESTIC shipping with the discount code Friday-Four on the fourth Friday in June…06/24/16. Minimum Order 5.

    (We reserve the right to take some extremely heavy products offline.)

    PRODUCT RECALL — Red Myrtle

    Red Myrtle: We have just recently realized that for the past three months we have been offering a mislabeled Red Myrtle essential oil. What we have been shipping as Red Myrtle, appears to be Green Myrtle, which is not normally produced in Tunisia, but the gc/ms does indicate that we have been offering the wrong product.

    The Batch number is TU-16969.

    We are contacting those we know have purchased the affected batch of Myrtle, but if you have a bottle of Nature’s Gift with this batch number and do NOT hear from us by close of business Friday, please contact me.

    We have sourced a lovely TRUE Red Myrtle, wild crafted in Morocco, that will be made available very shortly.


    Due to some changes in our accounting system, we are taking a midyear inventory, the middle of next week, probably Tuesday and Wednesday, June 14th and 15th. Normally we would do it at the end of June (end of second quarter is a nice round date, after all!) but then we would run into July 4th sales and who knows what. So, we are thinking midmonth, midweek is a slower period. At any rate, orders placed late in the day Monday through Wednesday may be delayed in shipping. If anything is an extreme emergency and can not wait, select EXPRESS shipping and contact us; we’ll do what we can. Otherwise, apologies in advance for a two day delay.


    I don’t know when we’ve published as many blog articles as we did this past June. Twelve in one month may be a record. A lot of topics sprang from Mondays With Marge, our Facebook Q&A on Monday nights. Rather than list them all here, you can see the list of May articles here. We already have four up for June, including new safety warnings regarding the use of Frankincense essential oils and cancer. (Did you know that ingested Frankincense oil can both counteract cancer medication and possibly protect the cancerous cells?)


    After the Bite
    Penelope Cansler has been a client for longer than I can remember, and always has suggestions to expand the uses of our products. She recently wrote:

    I wanted to tell Christi about a use I have for After the Bite which isn’t the one she formulated it for.

    My kitty was a rescue cat and ended up giving me lots of scratches over the early months – and I do mean scratches. At times I put on leather garden gloves to pick him up. I always used Baby Bottom Balm on the scratches. (Sometimes I put hydrogen peroxide on first, but not always.) The Balm would heal, but it didn’t take away the stinging that could last quite awhile. One time, out of curiosity, I used After the Bite on it instead of Balm. Worked like a charm, the stinging immediately stopped – which with its ingredients isn’t really surprising. So it’s now my go-to for any cat scratches. Though I’m happy to report that’s not very often now. Shadow has turned into a very loving, rarely-scratching kitty.

    So, Christi, thank you for creating After the Bite!

    We ship a LOT of Rosewood Essential Oil to China. All of our wholesale clients buy it in large quantities. I asked why. “It smells a little wood, a little flowers. In my childhood, we often used the Rosewood furniture. Now, today, Rosewood furniture is expensive, rarely used. The aroma can carry me back to my childhood.” Nostalgia. I wish there were an oil that would carry me back to my Granny’s kitchen!

    In my CCAP course we were taught that Petitgrain could be an effective substitute for Neroli, especially for the emotional uses where Neroli truly shines. In all honesty, I have always been skeptical. In my experience and opinion, nothing equals Neroli for certain specific situations. But Tiffany recently shared this, which may make me reconsider:

    Speaking of emotional uses…your Petitgrain saved my tail yesterday! PMS struck, and then I was a fool and read a story on Facebook about an old dog and then I could not stop crying. I had to be somewhere soon so I opened the Petitgrain and took a whiff (IMMEDIATELY felt my crazy emotions calm down) and then put a drop on a washcloth with a drop of Egyptian Geranium. Ahhhhh. The speed was amazing!

    Petitgrain and geranium… for “emotional balance” good to try the next time emotions are raging.

    Being “Picky”
    A recent comment from an Anonymous Client at checkout just delighted me: “I love shopping at Nature’s Gift, because I know that when it comes to quality, they are picky FOR me. I like that security.”

    For a change, being called “picky” is high praise!

    Perfume Blends

    From the June, 2006 newsletter:

    Awhile ago one of our staff was “playing” and came up with the following perfume blends.

    Summer’s Eve
    Equal parts of:

  • Cassie Absolute
  • High Altitude Lavender
  • Tobacco Absolute
  • Sweetness and Light

  • Linden Blossom, 5 drops
  • Vanilla CO2, 5 drops
  • Benzoin, 6 drops
  • Indonesian Patchouli, 1 drop
  • Blood Orange, 1 drop
  • Please remember to dilute properly if wearing on the skin (as opposed to one of our aromatherapy jewelry amphoras).

    Quotes of the Month for June

    “When the soul approaches the mysteries; when it tries to
    rally to the great spiritual principles, the perfumes are there.”
    — Marguerite Maury, The Secret of Life and Youth

    (Somehow that one reminds me of our new oils, and felt appropriate, even if there is nothing seasonal about it!)

    Perhaps more appropriate, as spring merges into summer before our eyes:

    “Nature, exerting an unwearied power,
    Forms, opens, and gives scent to every flower;
    Spreads the fresh verdure of the field, and leads
    The dancing Naiads through the dewy meads.”
    — William Cowper, 1731–1800

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